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Top 10 Duties of a Construction Project Manager

We all are aware of the mess that is created during the construction. Have you ever wondered how these are being controlled? The answer to this is very simple – Construction project manager. The Construction Project manager is a person who has excelled in construction project management and has gone through various training of the manager.

Let us go through some of the duties of the construction project manager.

1. Execution of work by Planning

All the work done by the people in the construction company is previously planned by the construction project manager.

The manager has to plan all the work to be executed by the labourers according to the number of days in the contract which is decided to complete the construction.

Hence the manager has to plan accordingly and order labour to execute the work in order to complete the work on time.

We can summarise this just by saying, each and every work that is executed on the construction site has been pre-planned by the manager previously.

2. Setting the Benchmarks

Creating benchmarks is a very important part of the responsibilities of the construction project manager. This includes keeping records of the work completed on the time.

The benchmark data tells us the speed of the work completed. By the benchmark, the construction project manager can approximate the time required to complete the construction.

In construction project management training the managers are trained to complete the work on time and maintain communication between the other workers.

3. Time Management

This is the most important responsibility of the construction project manager. Most of the clients get restless while their construction is undergoing. Hence, most of the clients tend to shorten the time than the required time in order to get the construction finished early.

Hence, most of the time the manager has to work under pressure in order to finish the work on time. It is the responsibility of the construction project manager to get the work completed by the labourers on time.

This is the reason that the construction project manager should have the leadership qualities in order to execute the work properly and most importantly on time.

4. Risk Management

There is risk in every aspect of life. Similarly in construction projects, there is often risk included. The responsibility of the construction project manager is to manage the number of risks that come into account while construction.

There are generally two types of risks included in construction i.e. the internal risks and the external risks. The internal risks include the risk of work not getting completed on time,

The risk of the labourers not knowing their work properly, and even sometimes the risk of the budget in which the project should be executed.

The external risks include the risks of construction getting collapsed due to natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, floods, etc.

5. Using the Resources

It is expected by the construction project manager that he or she is responsible for all the materials to use properly throughout the construction.

During the planning, the advice of the manager is taken about the number of materials that have been required for the construction.

Hence, the responsibility of preserving the material throughout the construction is on the shoulders of the construction project manager.

If there is a mistake in the guesswork of the manager then the job of the manager might be in trouble.

6. Managing the Budget

A construction project manager gets training in the construction project management course to manage the budget of the project.

The construction project manager has the responsibility to maintain all the expenses that will be needed for the construction project in the provided budget by the clients.

The manager is not only responsible for completing the project within the provided budget but he or she is also responsible for the quality work in the provided budget.

There is immense pressure on the shoulders of the construction project manager to provide quality work within the given budget.

The manager needs to be acknowledged about the budget by the client before starting the work on the project.

7. Managing Staffs

As stated earlier the construction project manager should have leadership qualities, in order to control the staff members to execute the work according to the planned project.

It is very important that the construction project manager should maintain the communication between the other staff members in the company so that the whole project is executed according to the plan.

The staff members should also coordinate with the manager and follow the orders given by him or her. This totally depends on the type of communication that the construction project manager maintains with his or her own staff.

8. Managing the Key Stakeholders

It is the responsibility of the construction project manager to keep the stakeholders of the project satisfied in accordance with the development of the project.

The construction project managers are under huge pressure because of the stakeholders as the stakeholders invest their money in the project and expect from the manager high returns from the project.

Hence, the construction project manager has to work under pressure and maintain communication with the stakeholders in order to keep them satisfied.

9. Manage the Disputes

It is obvious that if a huge number of people work together then there are chances of the workers getting into disputes amongst themselves. The responsibility of the construction project manager is to resolve the dispute by knowing the key problem or the reason for the dispute.

The manager should always think about the project to be executed on time hence it is very important for him or her to resolve the disputes amongst the staff members and motivate them to work together and on time.

10. Hiring Correct People for the Right Project

In the construction project management course, the manager is trained to thoroughly understand the type of work to be done in order to execute the project.

And hire the correct employees for the workers who are 100% suitable for the job. The manager is also responsible for supervising the work done by the staff members so that the work is executed as expected and is done on time.


The construction project manager should follow all the responsibilities and execute the work on time and also should provide quality work to each of the clients which comes into the account of the manager.

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