Should You Outsource Employees? A Recruiting Tip Guide

The best businesses don’t always have the best ideas, but they do always have the best teams. How do you outsource the right people? We’ll answer all your impending questions and share with you the number one recruiting tip to live by. Stick around until the end to find out!

Outsourcing Versus Insourcing

Outsourcing is becoming one of the trendiest employee recruitment techniques. It entails using a third-party recruiter or recruitment system to find talent for your company. These can be permanent team members but are usually freelancers and contractors.

Insourcing entails having a dedicated recruiter or hiring manager working solely for your company that is responsible for finding employees for your team.

When to Outsource?

There are two telling signs that it’s time to outsource. The first sign that it’s time to outsource talent is when you lack expertise in the certain task you need to be accomplished. This can be everything from blogging to website development.

A proven hiring tip is it’s much more beneficial to your business to spend those freelancers’ dollars for a job well done than to drive yourself mad trying to learn something you’re not good at. Outsource for the gaps in your own skillset.

Maybe you’re one of those people who is good at just about anything. In this case, when you can’t catch up on your to-do lists anymore, it’s time to outsource.

How to Outsource?

The best recruiting tip for small businesses is to outsource talent. You can do this yourself by creating a job listing and posting it across various job boards and career websites.

However, this is a time-consuming process as you still have to review resumes, interview candidates and many times end up with candidates that still don’t match your needs.

The other way to go about it is to work with a recruitment agency. This is a great step if thinking of how to recruit employees is keeping you up at night.

recruitment tips

DevOps recruiters have the strictest quality standards to find you the talent that matches your needs, not the other way around. All candidates must be non-monetarily motivated, meet your budget and match 90% or more of your requested skills.

They match candidates with your role and only review qualified candidates that truly match your needs. This saves the headache of hiring someone who actually isn’t a good fit for your team.

Benefits of Outsourcing Employees?

Employee turnover costs businesses 50% to 60% of an employee’s salary. Onboarding permanent employees is a time-consuming and expenses-draining process.

hire fasterIn addition to offsetting these detrimental losses, outsourcing employees entails many additional benefits:

  • Hire faster
  • Outsource recruitment
  • Greater flexibility in hiring and termination
  • Option to shift hire to a full-time employee
  • Less risk
  • Allocate talent budget between different departments
  • Learn what kinds of employees blend well with the culture

New businesses with limited resources greatly benefit from the improved speed, flexibility, and reduced costs of outsourcing talent. Long-standing businesses can also benefit and greatly reduce their annual turnover costs.

Follow This Recruiting Tip for Improved Efficiency

Want to know our number one recruiting tip?

When you don’t have the experience or no longer have the bandwidth to do something, outsource it! Outsourcing employees save time, and money, and ensures your team is matched with equally as great talent!

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