How to generate qualified appointment leads

People always say that yesteryear’s marketing technique ‘the cold calling’ has been finished; but also today, many successful entrepreneurs and startups rely upon cold calling to generate qualified appointment leads, draw customer’s attention, increase sales, and drive in more revenue. To date, businesses still have an in-house or outsourced team of sales reps busy dialing numbers on and on.

Generate Appointment Leads with these Cold Calling Tips

Cold calling has never been an amusing part of any company’s sales process but still, it is a necessity for many services and brands. Yes! Cold calling is still alive. Most entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the B2B appointment setting service to set an in-person meeting with their prospective clients through cold calling. If professionally done, this sales technique can get more effective results than any other marketing efforts.

A lot of things have been changed in the past few years in the field of telecommunication. So, if you are still following yesteryear’s calling techniques, cease! You need to update yourself. Whether you are a startup founder or b2b sales professional, there are a few calling tips you should follow to generate more appointment leads and close more deals.

B2B Sales Leads and Appointment Setting

Get ready to move – Cold calling is a daunting task, so you need to be well prepared before dialing a number. Stay calm and set up the right state of mind. Prepare a general script with the key points to talk about. Also, make it a routine so you can be more at ease and comfortable on every call.

Create a goal –  Usually said, the only goal of a caller is to make sales. But sometimes you may need to market a specific product or service or even you may need to just collect information from the prospective customers. So, you should have a specific goal for each number you dial.

Improve your tone – Generally speaking, a telesales rep should always sound relaxed and professional on each cold call like the expert appointment setters in Georgia. But you can’t get this expertise without having practiced. Before, during, and post each call focus on your tone and note down the sections you feel you might need to improve.

Additionally, record your calls and hear the conversation you had with the prospect. This will help you note down your negative side and improve it later on.

Don’t spend too much time thinking – In the beginning, your calls might seem friendly to the listeners on the other end but too much talking can be a huge waste of time and distracting. Just say hello and quickly get to the point.

Overcome hurdles – No marketing job can go smoothly. Various hurdles may come up each day. If you experience any sort of hurdle, get ready to overwhelm them and come up with better responses on your upcoming appointment

Keep scripting flexible – You don’t need to follow an exact canned script on every call you make. For a better idea create a general outline. Maintain a few points for the discussion. This will keep you on track especially when you have been distracted.

Develop good conversational skills – It is good to never get too much attached to the points of discussion. Your tone shouldn’t sound like you are reading out the script. If it happens, the listeners are less likely to hear you and be a part of sales.

More willingly, respond to each response and inquiry of the listeners in a natural way that can further get you the probability to take you back to the discussion point.

Prioritize one task at a time – Indeed you will be having a lot of things to manage. You may think to complete other tasks while making cold calls. It is always beneficial to be loyal to customers. The listeners deserve full attention from your end and you shouldn’t sound distracted while facilitating their queries.

Try to understand prospects from their perspective – When on-call, it is very important to use words that are easy to understand and that the customers can relate to easily. So before making the calls think about the types of requirements the prospective clients may have. This can indeed help you with better sales.

Focus more on customer benefits – You should always stay focused on how the product or services you are marketing for can benefit the listener. So, rather than advertising the hallmarks you offer focus more on what offerings can perform well for your potential customers.

For example, if you are working in the area of appointment setting for insurance agents, you should converse with the listeners about how particular insurance can benefit them rather than providing them with the facilities and offers an insurance policy can give.

Never turn up the heat – Don’t be too pushy. Doing so can make your customers tedious and disconnect the call. Moreover, this can also spoil your future chances of appointment leads with them. Also, make sure your call doesn’t run too long.

Prolonged talking can make your prospects bored and disinterested. Even if they are interested in dealing with you, they may not have so much time to hold the phone. So, it is good to get to the point the earliest possible.

Maintain records and monitor them when required – During each call, make notes and keep them secured. These notes can help you make sales or any other way in the future. You may also need to make multiple calls to a prospective customer. So it is advisable to make necessary notes even after your cold call and where needed follow up with them. 


Cold calling usually brings in an almost nightmarish feel to every salesperson but indeed it doesn’t have to be so. B2b appointment setting service is still one of the most important parts of sales and marketing. The tips treated above can help you improvise your calling skills and know the right ways to fix your mistakes. Remember, the success of your company depends on the tools you provide your callers and sales reps to close the deals.

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