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When to Replace Your Car Brakes

Car brakes are the most important mechanism in a vehicle responsible for the safety of the driver and other people driving together. Your driving skills and various other circumstances are responsible to affect your #carbrakes. Several signs will be there to help you identify that your car brake pads are getting tired out and need to be replaced. A little attention is required by your side to mark out the symptoms of brake replacement.

Reasons Your Car Brakes Needs To Be Replaced

In general, people owning a car think a lot about their car engine, but they often overlook to think about the brakes. Seasoned drivers are accustomed to brakes. Until they find the emergency to stop, it is easy to overlook how often the safety system is being occupied.

Brakes are equally important as the other parts in your car and need periodic maintenance. The car brake pads thin down over time and offer less effective results. Your timely visits to an auto repair shop in York, Toronto will help you keep the car brake system up to date and moreover, avoid costly repairs and collisions in the long run.

No matter whether you have never looked at your car services before or not, there are some important signs that can let you identify the right time to get your brakes replaced.

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When to replace car brake discs and pads?

1. Makes Bizarre Noise

A sort of acute grinding noise is usually the initial sign indicating that your brake pads need to be replaced or repaired.

Brake pads involve the use of a wear indicator; i.e. a metal plate that damages the brake disc if the pads are worn down.

Additionally, a bizarre sound appears grabbing the driver’s attention. This noise sounds like rubbing nails on a blackboard or metal sheet; not at all good to ignore for a long time.

Have you heard any noise while driving? If yes, it is really serious. The noise is the sound of metal getting rubbed on a metal. Moreover, this means that the brake pad of your car is completely worn out and the backing plate is scratching the rotor.

If you overlook this noise for a long time, you may probably need to replace both- the brake pad and the rotors as well. An inexpensive job is better than the expensive one; isn’t it! So, get your car brake pads repaired or replaced if recommended as early as you experience the noise.

2. Warning Lights

Monitor your car’s dashboard accurately. The brake warning light turns on for various reasons. Like damaged brake pads, exhausted brake light bulb, low fluid, etc.

Moreover, some brakes depend on the mechanical damage indicator. As treated above, some brake pads include an electrical sensor.

It indicates the warning sign when the pad’s damage level has gone up beyond the minimum level. In this case, a warning light will show up on the dashboard.

3. Pedal Resistance

The fluid is very important for brake functioning and maintenance. Each time when you press the brake pedal, the fluid passes on the force on the brake pads.

pedal resistance

More and more fluid is required whenever you press the pedal to generate the force necessary to stop or slow down your car. Similarly, the ability of car brakes will be impacted by the insufficient brake fluid and moreover, will have lower inputs on the pedal.

So, it is vitally important to get your brake fluid level checked on a regular basis by a professional car repair in Toronto. Beware, if your brake pedal is hitting down the floor every now and then when you stop your car, it is a warning sign to get your car checked.

4. Vibrations

Have you ever experienced a sort of vibration in the steering wheel of your car or brake pedal while using the brake? The brake could be the reason. Distorted rotors lower down the efficiency of brake pads and damage them sooner or later.

Get your car examined immediately. Misaligned wheels can also be responsible for vibrations occasionally. This could again lead to unexpected problems in the middle of the road following by expensive repairs. So, regular inspection is very important.


Car brakes are something often overlooked by many people; maybe by you as well. Keep your brake up-to-date and in a proper working condition in order to prevent expensive repairs and most importantly to avoid collisions. If they appear to be damaged or not performing in a proper way, get them repaired or if required replaced.

Moreover, experiencing any sort of unusual noises or sparks from the brake, get your vehicle inspected by auto mechanic in Toronto straight away. Good and functional brakes are very essential for safe driving and predictable braking.

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