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Installing Exposed Sliding Glass Doors

One of the most flexible materials to consider when designing the interior of a house is the “glass.” Whether it is about installing exposed sliding glass doors, windows, glass walls, or mirrors, there are ranges of options available. Glass is the best material to use for those who love to have a pleasingly beautiful atmosphere and natural light in their house. #sliding #doors

Enhance Your Home with Exposed Sliding Glass Doors

However, installing sliding glass barn doors and windows is the most usual method to consider when it comes to designing the interior of a home. If you are planning to install an exposed sliding glass barn door? Here are few things you should know.

Sliding barn glass doors are the best considerable elements to restore old homes as well as design the ultra-modern houses. You can customize the exposed glass sliding doors based on the preferred size and design and can purchase them from a local store or manufacturer.

You can also do online research by visiting various websites like kncrowder.com who offer personalized barn doors, sliding glass barn door hardware, and track systems.

Whether you are planning to remodel your existing old house or designing the interior of your new home, glass doors are one of the most sophisticated elements to consider. Undeniably, various questions can interrupt while deciding on the right type of glass doors.

Are glass doors safe for my house?

As we all know, glass is prone to cracks and damages. Intruders can easily break them to enter inside. However, people mostly avoid using glass for the main entrance of their house. Every problem has a solution! You can protect your home by installing double-paned glass sliding doors.

Another drawback of glass doors is privacy. Everyone can see what is going on in your house through the sliding glass doors or windows. However, this can make it easy for the burglars to check whether your home is free for them to enter. You can resolve this issue by fixing blinds or considerably thick curtains.

double pane glass sliding doors

The location also plays a vital role when deciding to fix a glass sliding door. If your house is surrounded by 24-hour security, you don’t have to worry about burglaries.

But, your glass door can make it easy for the neighbours to view inside your house. Well again, you can resolve this by installing curtains or blinds. If possible, place your door away from the direct street view, or you can cover it with shades.

Consult the best sliding glass door installer and manufacturer such as K N Crowder to get inspiration and advice on the right door option for your house.

Can I part my balcony and living room with a sliding glass door?

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As you might now know, glass doors enhance the view of your house and allow natural light to get into the rooms.

Moreover, if your living space opens up to a patio or balcony with an attractively lovely view, a glass sliding door is the best option to create a partition between the two areas.

Doing this can be a highlight as you, your family, visitors, everyone will be able to enjoy the view while inside your house.

Also, your room may look dull by having restricted natural light. It is not always possible to keep the doors open. Like open doors in summer can reduce the effect of your AC whereas rainwater can get in through the open doors during monsoons and spoil your wooden flooring or precious carpets.

Glass doors can let enough natural light enter your living room unhindered. The only drawback is the amount increasing in your energy cost due to the increased warmth caused by the sunlight.

To prevent this issue, you can use UV Protected glass doors or blinds. Make sure that the exposed sliding door track is timely cleaned for smooth functioning.

Is a glass door the right option to make my house look more spacious?

Natural light always makes a room look more spacious than it is. Glass sliding doors are the visual trick most interior designers use to manipulate the brightness within a place and make a small space look bigger.

Solid wood doors are right to block the natural sunlight, but glass doors, on the contrary, can elaborate your rooms’ brightness and make your space look more spacious.

Will it give my house a classy look?

Yes, glass doors make any space look classy and stylish. They add to your house the elegance of a modern new home and can make it look as good as a classic house.

Sliding glass doors enhance the amount of natural brightness in the house and improve the overall climate in the rooms.

However, having a glass sliding door, you can give your rooms the desired effects; may it be a glossy element in a minimalist house or a pleasingly warm addition to a rustic space.

What are the different types of glass window & door treatments I should consider?

As mentioned above, you need to fix sorts of covering on your glass sliding doors to prevent transparency and protect the privacy inside your rooms.

Well, this doesn’t mean you will have to waive style concerning the functionality. There are arrays of windows and doors covering treatments that can be consider based on the look of their house.

The critical element to determine here is the covering. If you are thinking of fixing blinds, make sure that you keep enough space over the door to ensure that they don’t bump into heads while rolling up.

Furthermore, if you want to have curtains to cover the glass doors, sheers are the best idea as they don’t hinder natural light from getting into the house.

Good advice is to fix the curtain rod over the door frame to avoid the interference it might otherwise cause while opening or closing the door.

If you are interested in using the curtains only for decorative purposes, partial side panels are the best solution since they are fixed and stay stationary.

Wooden blinds, shutters, and roman shades are the best pick for any modern house. They can be the stylist option to cover your glass sliding doors.

What shades will look the best for my space?

A well-known reason to get a glass door is to maximize the amount of natural brightness in the house. However, the shades you choose for them should not lower the brightness in the rooms. Also, the coverings you use should not block the sliding action.

Vertical blinds are the best bet since you can move them to a side when you wish to uncover the glass door. You can also adjust the blind slats to limit the light getting in the space. PVC, plastic, wood, and faux wood; blinds are available in a variety of materials and arrays of colours.

So, you have a lot of choices to coordinate the best option that fits the style and decor of your house. The only downside of having vertical blinds is the difficulty in cleaning them. Indeed, dusting each slat from top to bottom is a robust and time-consuming task.

Built-in roller blinds are also one of the best options to cover the sliding glass doors. They don’t get dirty so soon like slatted blinds and you can clean them quite easily. Sliding panels are another unique option for sliding doors.

What are the easy steps to clean the glass doors?

When it comes to cleaning the exposed glass sliding doors, it is not rocket science. You only need to learn the right steps.

  • Clean any removable dust with the help of a microfiber piece of cloth.
  • Clear the dust from the door frame. Place some old unused cloth or paper on the floor to protect it from dirt and patches.
  • Spray a glass cleaning solution on the door and wipe it out with a squeegee moving it in a single stroke; i.e. from up to down.
  • Clean the glass door with a dry cloth to clean the remaining solution.
  • Ultimately, buff the glass from top to bottom with a microfiber cloth to give the door a sparkling shine.

Ultimately, an interior, as well as an exposed sliding door, impacts your day-to-day activities drastically. The array of sizes, styles, and settings that comes with sliding doors maximizes the space and benefits your entire family.

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