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What Are the Different Types of Drugs That Are on the Streets Today?

In the US, opioids are responsible for over 70% of all drug overdose deaths. Even without killing people, these drugs can still ruin lives. And even worse, there are other illicit drugs on the street that lead people down dark paths.

You might suspect your loved one is abusing substances, but you’re not sure if it’s true or what drugs they’re even using. In this case, it’s best to learn about the common types of drugs today so you can keep a watchful eye on your loved one.

Read on to find out what substances people are using nowadays.


Cocaine is also known as coke, crack, snow, or blow. While it comes in different forms, many people snort it through their noses in powder form. They can also inject the liquid form into their bloodstream.

This drug is highly addictive and comes from the leaves of the coca plant. It’s a stimulant that can make people highly energetic and restless.


Methamphetamine is also known as crystal meth, ice, or chalk. It comes in the form of a white powder, which can be swallowed, smoked, injected, or snorted.

This stimulant drug gives users a quick but short-lasting high, which drives them to keep using meth. It gives the same effects as cocaine but is much cheaper, which is why lower-income people are drawn to this drug.


Heroin is also known as dope or smack. You’ll see it in the form of a white or tan-colored powder, or it can be black and sticky (black tar heroin). Most people inject it, but heroin can also be inhaled or smoked.

Heroin is derived from the opium poppy flower, which means it’s an opioid. When people get high on this drug, it can make them feel euphoric.


MDMA is also known as ecstasy or molly. Most users take it in pill or tablet form, but you can also snort or inject it, although it’s not commonly done.

MDMA is a stimulant drug, so users will feel euphoric and energetic.


Psilocybin is also known as magic mushrooms or shrooms. Users get effects from ingesting it, so it can be directly eaten, brewed into a tea, or added to culinary dishes.

This drug is considered a hallucinogen, so users see hallucinations and have an altered sense of time when high.

If you suspect your loved one of doing any of the above drugs, then addiction recovery is the best next step. You can find the best rehabilitation center here:

Watch Out for These Types of Drugs

These are but just a few types of drugs that people use today. But it’s a good starting point to see if your loved one needs to go to rehab.

By knowing what to watch out for, you can voice your concerns and help them get the help they need before it’s too late.

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