What are Snapchat Planets and Correct Order

Snapchat Planets: What Is the Friend Solar System?

Are you Snapchat user? You probably have heard about Snapchat Planets an exciting new feature that has been introduced by Snapchat, the popular social media platform. The design of this tool is specific to astronomical enthusiasts, offering them a unique way to explore and learn about the wonders of space.  With Snapchat Planets, users can delve into the fascinating world of celestial bodies, experiencing an immersive and interactive journey through the universe. Through this post we will learn what are the Snapchat Planets and their correct order.

What is Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets is a feature that allows users to explore different planets and moons in our solar system. Users can select a planet or a moon and virtually visit it, observing its surface and learning interesting facts about it. The feature provides a realistic representation of the celestial object, allowing users to get a closer look at its unique features and characteristics.

A new feature for astronomical enthusiasts

Snapchat Planets is a game-changer for astronomical enthusiasts. It offers a fun and educational way to learn about the solar system and the various celestial bodies within it. Users can navigate through space, discovering new planets and moons, and gaining knowledge about their composition and significance. The feature also includes interactive quizzes and challenges, making the learning experience engaging and rewarding.

How to access Snapchat Planets and what it offers

To access Snap chat Planets, users simply need to update their Snapchat app to the latest version. Once updated, they can find the Planets feature in the Discover section of the app.

It offers a wide range of features, including 3D models of planets and moons, detailed information about each celestial body, interactive quizzes, and augmented reality experiences.

It is a comprehensive tool for anyone interested in exploring the wonders of the universe. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or just curious about space, Snapchat Planets offers a unique and captivating experience.

Understanding Snapchat Planets

Snap chat Planets provides users with an immersive and interactive experience to explore celestial bodies within our solar system. Once updated to the latest version of the app, users can find the Planets feature in the Discover section.

The interface offers a user-friendly design, allowing users to navigate through space and select planets or moons in exploring. Upon selection, users can observe the surface of the chosen celestial object and learn interesting facts about it.

Features and tools available in Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Planets offers a wide range of features and tools to enhance the user’s journey through space. Some of the key features include:

  1. 3D Models: Users can view detailed 3D models of planets and moons, providing a realistic representation of their unique features and characteristics.
  2. Snapchat planets order: Each celestial body within Snapchat Planets comes with detailed information, allowing users to learn about its composition, significance, and other relevant details.
  3. Interactive Quizzes: The feature includes interactive quizzes to test the user’s knowledge and increase engagement.
  4. Augmented Reality Experiences: Offers augmented reality experiences, allowing users to visualize planets and moons in their real-world surroundings.

These features and tools make Snapchat Planets a comprehensive and enjoyable platform for both seasoned astronomers and those curious about space.

Snapchat Planets in Order

In case you are keen to know about the Snapchat planets in order, follow this guide below:

Snapchat’s friend solar system mirrors our actual solar system, with each planet representing a different Best Friend ranking. As the Sun, you assign Mercury to your top friend, Venus to the second, and so forth down to Neptune as your eighth best friend. Details and corresponding emojis are explained below.


Similar to an actual solar system, Mercury is the initial planet within the Snapchat solar system and symbolizes the user’s closest friend. This planet is depicted as a red sphere with four red hearts orbiting around it.


Venus is the second celestial body in our solar system, can be compared to someone’s second-best friend.. It portrays itself as a planet of light brown hue, adorned with revolving hearts in yellow, pink, and blue shades.


Earth is the third planet in our solar system and is symbolized as a user’s third closest companion. Visually depict it with the same color as the actual Earth, accompanied by a moon, stars, and red hearts surrounding it.


Mars is depicted as the fourth friend on Snapchat and is the fourth planet in our solar system. Its representation consists of a red planet surrounded by stars, purple hearts, and blue hearts in their friendmoji.


In the Snapchat solar system, Jupiter represents the fifth closest friend of a user. The app portrays Jupiter as a reddish-orange planet with dark orange strips and stars circling it.


Like our solar system, Saturn occupies the sixth position in line from the sun and symbolizes the sixth most intimate companion for a person. It presents itself as an orange planet surrounded by a ring and stars.


On Snapchat, the Uranus planet symbolizes a user’s seventh most intimate connection, portraying it as a green planet without any heart icons.


Finally, recognize Neptune as the eighth celestial body in our solar system, similar to acknowledging the eighth individual listed on your friend’s roster. within the Solar System application. It is important to note that this barren Blue Planet lacks any love or existence.

How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

Snapchat’s Friend Solar System operates by assigning each friend a position analogous to planets in our solar system. As the center (Sun) of your Snapchat universe, you designate Mercury for your closest friend, Venus for the second closest, and so on, extending to Neptune as the eighth best friend.

This system reflects your interaction frequency, and the order of planets corresponds to the hierarchy of your Best Friends list. For a deeper understanding, detailed explanations and corresponding emojis are provided.

Note: You will require a Snapchat Plus subscriber to have access to Snapchat’s friend’s solar system.

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