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The Favorable Impacts Made By Quantity Surveyors At A Construction Site

What is a Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor (QS) may be known by other names such as building economists, cost engineers, construction accountant, or cost managers. The qualified and experienced professional is comprehensively involved in the construction sites and projects and possesses unique construction competencies.

The Role and Responsibility of a Quantity Surveyor

A professional quantity surveyor may work directly for a client or under a contractor in both site and office environments. A quantity surveyor’s primary responsibility is to minimize all the risks and costs associated with a construction project and ensure that the project can provide maximum value for money.

However, a quantity surveyor also works in other areas, such as compliance and adherence to legalities, regulations, and quality standards. The professional prepares the estimates and the work-related costs and keeps tracking the variations that may impact the cost.

The professional is involved in all construction projects, including residential, industrial, and commercial construction projects. Some of the essential services provided by a Quantity Surveyor include:

● Preliminary cost advice and cost planning
● Feasibility estimates
● Suggest on selecting the contractors and consultants
● Recommend contractual methods and the preparation of tender documents
● Evaluation of all construction-related work and task
● Project management services and periodic financial reporting services
● Technical auditing
● Tax deduction services

The Favorable Impacts Made by Quantity Surveyor Services on a Construction Site.

Whether a quantity surveyor works for a contractor or directly for a client, the professional’s services, advice, and competencies make a big and favourable impact on the project and construction site.

For instance, when working for a contractor, the QS will undertake cost planning for the different contractor activities to improve cost-effectiveness.

While working for a client, the consultant quantity surveyor will prepare the reliable early cost estimates before construction to ensure accurate estimation of financial capability and proper evaluation of a project’s lucrativeness.

Below are some other ways in which contact quantity surveyor services make a big and favorable impact on a construction project and site.


QS services help in the maintenance of the project progress records and databases to ensure accountability and monitoring.

The experienced professional can provide the BOQs or the Bill of Quantities that include all the items involved in a construction project.

Apart from inventory records, the professional’s knowledge as quantity surveyors is also essential for cost-effective procurement. It ensures that construction sites run economically while producing the best results.

Dispute Resolution

QS services help resolve the different kinds of disputes to ensure that the site does not face bottlenecks and is free from downtimes. These disputes may occur between the designers, clients, subcontractors, contractors, and other parties and professionals related to a project.

Maintaining Compliance

Ensuring compliance with the legal standards and procedures to ensure that there are no fines or lawsuits.

Providing Valuable Suggestions

Providing suggestions for the payments made to the subcontractors, suppliers, and the main contractors following the agreement’s prerequisites.

Ensuring Cost Control and Cost-Effectiveness

Cost control and effectiveness are ensured when a quantity inspector evaluates the impact of expenses each time a change affects a project; for example when there are variances and delays with agencies and contractors.

Value Management

The QS is responsible for ensuring that the project costs arising during the construction phase and its aftermath are monitored well. A professional can also ensure that the cash flow is adequately adaptable and that your project is completed within the estimated cost limits.

The valuable service of QS ensures that the value of a construction venture is amplified. The QS ensures that the project audit is dealt with in an orderly way.

The workshops are progressed methodically, and there is a controlled interaction between the specialists, primary stakeholders, and information providers.

The quantity surveyor can provide exceptionally professional, creative, and adaptable advice throughout the development phases.

Success is achieved due to realistic, proactive, and operational expenditure forecasting and the timely interventions and revisions accomplished by the QS professional.

The services of quantity surveyors are essential in the post-construction phase as well. For instance, the professional is responsible for preparing all the final accounts’ statements where the genuine expenditures (occurring in the different areas of the project) are recorded.

Wrapping up

A QS evaluates the tax deduction policies and scrutinizes the laws to ensure that compliance is maintained. The documents may also be technically audited whenever any need arises.

The leading quantity surveyor Vancouver agencies and service provides staff qualified, experienced, and certified QS professionals who can enhance the project and construction site’s value.

The services’ favorable impact is made in cost, compliance, time, value management, dispute resolution, etc. The affordable services ensure that the clients can receive maximum return on their investment and create a favourable market position.

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