How To Build A Mobile App

Whether you’re fascinated by digital tools or want to solve a certain problem and make money out of it, building your own simple mobile app is the way to go. Here is a quick guide on how to build a mobile app and make it ready for market.

Granted, the process of building one is quite easy, but there is a systematic approach you need to follow to guarantee yourself a success. Here’re the steps you need to take to create your successful mobile app today.

Identify the problem and need

The first thing you need to do is identify a problem that you want to solve with your app. If you don’t have a specific idea on how to build a mobile app, look for common problems you or people around you undergo every day.

Create a list of them, and then start analyzing them one by one. Narrow down to the ones that make more sense.

After that, confirm that there is a demand for the app that you’re conceptualizing. There are many ways of validating your idea, and one of the best ones is the Google Keyword Planner tool. With it, you can get an actual number of people looking for a solution like the one you’re trying to provide.

Design the app

Lay the foundation of your mobile app by developing sketches. Your goal here would be to visually conceptualize the main features of your app, including its general layout and structure.

app design

If you have a team, this part would be important to help everyone understand your mission. While sketching, be as detailed as possible. Have a clear flow of how users will use the software and include all the features you envision.


Before you conclude all the technical aspects you want for your app, seek out what your requirements are and get a picture of the feasibility of your idea- from a technical perspective.

You may find an alternative path or solution that would help you improve your conception. Moreover, you should look into the legal restrictions, such as privacy questions and copyright.

It is important to get an experienced professional to give you their expert opinion on your idea at this point.

Determine how to market the mobile app

Before you proceed, you have to think about how to market the mobile app. One of the ways of achieving this is building a marketing landing page and pre-launch email list.

This will serve as a platform where people can learn about your app. Just ensure there is a clear call to action for visitors to sign up for your pre-launch email list.

market mobile apps

When you release the app, these people will receive a notification. Do your research to find other critical tips, tricks and techniques to help you learn how to market the mobile app.

Determine your development approach

There are different development approaches you can use. They include:

Web-based: if you want an app that can run on many platforms, then you should consider web-based apps. These apps are however less powerful than native apps.

progressive web app

Native: although native apps require a lot of time and skill to create, they deliver the best user experience. However, they are platform-specific and require a lot of knowledge and expertise.

Hybrid: these apps combine the features of native and web apps. It is the latest approach that can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Hire a developer if you don’t understand how to build a mobile app

If you don’t know how to code or how to build a mobile app, you need to hire an app developer. They need to prove that they are talented and experienced enough to come up with a solid app.

That means that you have to assess their previous work and credibility. If you can do it yourself, you need to first start by creating a prototype.

Once you identify your approach (refer to the previous step), turn your idea into an application with the basic functionality.

hire mobile apps developer

Creating a prototype will make it easier for you to sell your idea to your prospects, as they’ll be able to view the tangible benefits as opposed to checking out a product description.

After your idea sails through, (have the developer) complete the app based on your specifications and customer reviews. When your app is complete, move on to the next step.


Take some time to test the mobile app for bugs, which are errors that keep the app from functioning as intended.

If any, solve them before you launch. You don’t want to create a negative first impression when the app crashes or functions poorly.

Submit the app to App Store

When your app is ready for market, launch the app into your desired app store. All you need to do is review the store’s guidelines to make sure your software qualifies, and upload it if it does.

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