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What Is the Best Method of Decontamination in a Post-COVID World?

As of March 2022, there are over 400 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the world. People around the globe are doing everything to solve this problem. One step in fighting the spread of the coronavirus is decontamination.

If you have a populated facility, you should practice proper decontamination. Now, what is the best method of decontamination? Check this guide and learn more about them and their benefits.

When and Why Should You Decontaminate

Before decontaminating, you should know the proper timing. If there are no suspected people with the virus, sanitize at least once a day.

Doing this is usually enough to keep viruses on surfaces. It also helps in maintaining a healthy working environment for everyone.

You should know how to clean any surface, especially those often touched by people. Clean these surfaces as often as necessary or as soon as someone touches them.

You should develop a cleaning routine that is suitable for your business. To lessen regular cleaning, reduce contact on surfaces and objects for many people. You can give specific work areas to people or keep doors open to avoid touching them.

What Is the Best Method of Decontamination?

Using cleaning products removes viruses and decreases Covid-19 transmission. There are many ways to remove these viruses, and here are some examples of the best methods:

Wet Mops

Clean the surfaces with mops and disinfectants to prevent the spread of the virus. According to studies, wet mops are effective in removing dirt from floors. But, make sure to always wash and dry mops for proper decontamination.


decontamination post-covid

You can use disinfectant sprays to clean surfaces not accessible by mops. Using hydrogen peroxide spray for soft surfaces does not need any cleaning beforehand. Disinfection works best when you remove dust or dirt on the surface first.

UV Led

UV radiation is an effective way to disinfect objects like clothes and utensils. UVC is effective in removing influenza and may remove the recent virus, too.


Using chemical disinfectants in fumigation is effective in disinfecting the virus. These chemical disinfectants can have potential risks for the people nearby. It is best to ventilate the air before using the workplace or the facility.


Foggers spray disinfectant mist and diffuse it into the air as aerosol. A hydrogen peroxide fogger is an effective way to remove viruses in an enclosed area. Also, fog dries fast and is safe to return to the decontaminated place in a short time.


Ventilation and Filtering

To maintain the quality of indoor air, you should keep air flowing. Doing this ensures the absence of airborne transmission. Room ventilation and filtering are effective in removing contaminants found in stagnant rooms.

Practice Correct Decontamination Now

As the world goes back to normal, so are face-to-face working arrangements. But doing this has risks, especially to places that still have active Covid-19 cases. Finding out what is the best method of decontamination makes your workplace safe.

Also, with the help of decontamination services, keeping the workplace safe is easier! Look for the best decontamination service online and practice correct decontamination now!

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