Tungsten Or Bismuth Shot – Which is Better?

When talking of chasing, the earliest material that was used was lead. But, with time, it was banned across several locations globally. This made it essential to look for good alternatives which had similar chemical properties like lead. The prime alternatives so introduced were non-toxic and lead-free bismuth shot and tungsten shots. The key reason was the similarity in density.

Bismuth shots aren’t completely round but their shooting pattern is still excellent. And guess what, the even better news is that now they are cheaper and bigger than they have ever been.

Tungsten Super Shots (TSS) and its Properties

The other element that is used mainly for hunting is the Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) which is a rare commodity. This is made from the 4 Tungsten Ore. Following this, the distinct characteristics that they possess have made them an ideal material for shotgun pellets. Additionally, the density of this material is higher as compared to all others like bismuth, steel or lead which were the earlier preferences for shooting.

A recognizable characteristic of tungsten super shot is that its minimum size holds the capability of larger materials as well. The key features of this material are:

  • High energy density that leads to the deep penetration of pellets
  • The density of pattern if appropriately used allows maximum hits
  • The more pellets, the denser is the pattern
  • Smaller the size more is the flight of pellets
  • If you are looking for exceptional penetration, a good idea is to use smaller pellets

When talking of deploying it in shooting, a conflict arises between tungsten and bismuth shots.

Bismuth Shots: An overview

Bismuth shots were the first alternative to lead, but in the present-day scenario, denser tungsten-based pellets are more popular. However, the prices of tungsten are increasing making it among the last affordable options for waterfowl standing and non-toxic upland.

Developed in the 1990s, bismuth is among the main elements in Pepto-Bismol. On making an alloy of bismuth with tin, the pellet size is almost half of the density of steel and lead.

The fragility of bismuth acts both as to its feature and a glitch. It is well-known that bismuth shots are used for killing birds and hunting.

However, the main question is what size are bismuth shots for ducks? The shot size varies based on the pellets per ounce. For instance, 64 pellets per ounce are 4.6mm. While 558 pellets per ounce are 2.01mm. The major question is: Which one is better? Tungsten or Bismuth?

Tungsten or Bismuth Shots? Which one to choose?

When talking about hunting purposes, it is essential to have high penetration energy to hit the target. Tungsten is one of the densest metals having a density of 19.3g/cc. While steel has a density of 7.87g/cc and 11.3g/cc.

This has led to the introduction of Tungsten Super Shot (TSS). This one is a hard metal and is an alloy comprising 95% tungsten powder and 5% Nickel.

So, if you are looking for Tungsten elements to go out hunting, at Agescan International we have got you covered. Right from Tungsten heavy alloy to Tungsten super shot you can get everything you need.

What are the products that Agescan Tungsten International offers? The major products that we offer for you to choose from are as follows:

Tungsten Super Shot (TSS):

This tungsten super shot is primarily used as the shotgun hunting shell reloading. The pellets open up as soon as they leave the barrel, and thereby the power of the burning charge is divided among pellets. This means that the energy of the ball’s shot is very low. So, in such a context, they become very useful for hunting purposes.

Specifications of tungsten alloy shot:

  • Diameter: 1-10mm
  • Density: 18-18.2g/cm3
  • Composition: W Content: 90-95%, W-Ni-Fe
  • Polished surface

Properties of Tungsten Alloy Shot:

It is one of the most sought-after elements and use for hunting because of its high density, hardness and temperature resistance. Another major property of this element is that it is environmentally friendly and safe for people to handle.

This is one of the leading products at Agescan. They can provide this to you based on your requirements. The density of this is 18g/cm3, which can be closely compared with bismuth, gold and platinum.

Tungsten Alloy Fishing Sinker:

This is one of the other major products. It is a weight that is used for luring a bait to increase its sinking rate and casting the distance. For fishing sinkers, tungsten is one of the best replacements. With the environmental impact being paid close attention towards, tungsten heavy alloy is becoming one of the major elements for fishing sinkers.

Advantages of tungsten fishing sinkers:

  • Small body
  • High density
  • Nuisance free
  • Strong wind resistance (This majorly happens because of the high density making it resistant to wind)

Agescan Tungsten provides its customers with several types of alloy fishing sinkers which include drop types, cylinder types, tower types, etc. Additionally, they can customize these fishing sinkers based on the client’s requirements.

Wrapping up

So, if you have been wondering about the right material, tungsten super shot or bismuth shot, you can choose both based on their properties and affordability. However, the prime option among them is tungsten.

Agescan Tungsten is an International company in Canada, that is engaged in manufacturing, machining and sales of tungsten heavy alloy products, cemented carbide, tungsten copper, pure tungsten and other non-ferrous metal alloy specialty material products. We solve our clients’ tungsten global sourcing demand with a one-stop solution. The products are broadly used in nuclear, medical, industrial shielding protection, aerospace and defence industry.

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