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7 SEO Benefits Responsive Web Design Can Provide

Responsive web design is the need of the hour for businesses that want to stay digitally relevant. Today, more and more people are using multiple devices to engage with company websites. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website is important to deliver the best Customer Experience (CX) on whatever device they are seeing on the website.

Optimizing the website to match the needs of users on multiple devices is the basis for responsive web design. It is the biggest thing that every web design company keeps in mind while building a website to ensure that businesses stay at the top of their digital game. Responsive designs are not just a trend anymore – they are a necessity for success.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?


Responsive website design, also called RWD configuration, is an advanced web architecture approach that allows sites and pages to deliver on all devices and screen sizes, regardless of whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. The users will have the same experience on whatever device they access the website on.

7 Benefits of Responsive Web Design for SEO

The responsiveness of your site is unequivocally a significant element in further developing the customer experience and keeping away from normal SEO traps that can block your Google rankings.

Here are the 7 benefits of responsive websites for SEO:

1. Google focuses on mobile-first

With more users looking from cell phones than at any other time, sites must be effortlessly delivered on any gadget. Google favours sites that are enhanced for mobile phones and have taken on mobile-responsive website architecture.

Google intends to give important and open substance to clients. The algorithm is generally disposed to rank a site that possesses all the necessary qualities by being responsive and user-friendly on mobile.

2. Higher traffic from mobile

Studies showcase that mobile phones have turned into a principal center point for quite a long time out there and mobile development has turned into the business-standard.

In this way, by utilizing responsive web design on your website, you open the entryway for most client’s websites. A mobile-friendly website is important to improve your ranking on Google.

3. Better user experience

To further develop the SEO rankings, the client experience should be improved and upgraded. The user ought to be able to effectively navigate through the site and there should be no blockages in the center.

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The content that they are searching for should be inside their scope without any problem. A responsive webpage design ensures that the client experience is great and henceforth individuals will adore investing energy in the site.

4. Faster page loading speed

How rapidly your site loads can represent the deciding moment of a client’s involvement in your site. At that point, it’s not surprising that your site should be streamlined to load quickly and like a well-oiled machine.

Responsive websites load quicker on both mobile, computers, and tablets. Improve your page speed for more traffic and transformations on your site.

5. Lower website bounce rate

Obviously, site visits amount to nothing assuming the bounce rate is very high – this implies that an extraordinary number of visitors that come to your site leave promptly due to the unfortunate website experience.

Almost every web design company suggests good web design for bringing down the bounce rate and, in this way improving your SEO ranking in Google.

6. High-quality backlinks

The quantity of the sites’ backlinks never matters, what just matters is the quality, the sort of sites whom you will link to yours.

Google keeps a note of the backlinks that you have on your site and ensures that good content is shown to the users. A responsive design will ensure that the backlinks get support without any problem.

7. Better social media sharing

Responsive website design makes content sharing open across every social media platform, growing your crowd.

How? By making it easier for visitors to get to similar content on laptops and smartphones, share it with their friends, and share it with their friends.

This provides incredible chances to contact a more extensive crowd. It is much better to share websites that can be opened anywhere rather than only on the web.

It’s expected of businesses these days that the responsive site design is developed to ensure that the visitors don’t face any obstacle while browsing. It’s essential for businesses to get the best benefits of SEO.

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