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Lawn Seeding vs. Sodding: What You Need to Know

Are you among the 16 million people who’ve recently taken up gardening? If so, you’re probably still a little perplexed by all the jargon that goes along with your new hobby.

One of the greatest mysteries for gardeners of all experience levels is lawn care. A lush lawn is the holy grail of good gardening, and the way you plant your lawn has a huge impact on the outcome.

Are you keen to discover how to do it right? Keep reading for the ultimate showdown regarding grass seeding vs sodding and find out which is best for your yard.

What’s the Difference Between Seeding vs Sodding?

Sod exists to give you an instant lawn. When you buy this product you’re buying whole grass plants including the leaves, roots, and some soil.

Landscapers roll these up during transport and then literally unroll them into the desired position like a carpet. Voilà! You have a lawn.

Seeding is a more traditional approach to growing grass and involves planting individual seeds close together, so they grow into a lawn

According to Rdslawncare.com, there are two types of seeding involved in creating a great lawn. They are:

New Lawn Seeding

You can seed your lawn yourself, but a capable lawn expert will give your grass a better start in life. These professionals will test your soil, prepare it for planting and distribute the seed at a precise ratio.

This ensures you’ll end up with a lush, healthy, and even lawn.


Overseeding is a technique used to refresh an existing patch of grass. It involves a lot of preparation beforehand, like aerating, fertilizing, and dethatching the lawn.

Usually, lawn care professionals will overseeds your grass with seeds from a different species. This ensures a thicker, healthier lawn.

Pros and Cons of Sod vs Seed

The obvious benefit of sodding is that it’s an instant fix. In this way, it’s a good option if you want to eliminate soil erosion or get rid of muddy patches fast.

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It also remains relatively weed-free for much longer, and you can plant it at any time.

Naturally, these benefits come at a much higher price than seeding services, and there’s a lot more labor involved. You won’t have much choice when it comes to choosing grass species, either.

Know Advantages & Disadvantages of Grass Seed vs Sod

When you opt for grass seeding, you can choose from many more types of grass. When it comes to comparing grass seed vs sod cost, you’ll pay a lot less when you’re only buying the seeds. As the grass grows, it establishes a healthier, deeper root system than sod does.

Time is the major drawback when it comes to seeding your lawn. You can only seed lawns in summer and early fall, and it can take months before you get to enjoy your lawn.

You’ll also need to take special care of the seedlings after they emerge from under the ground. You’ll need to cordon off the area from foot traffic and ensure they get adequate water while they grow.

Your Gardening Enjoyment

The debate between seeding vs sodding all boils down to how much you enjoy instant gratification. There’s no doubt nurturing your lawn from the start offers enormous satisfaction, but can it beat the quick thrill of an instant lawn?

If you want to know what could work best in your area, it’s best to get in touch with a local lawn care service to discuss your needs.

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