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Get Smart Irrigation Services in St. Augustine

A smart #irrigation system has been proven to lower water usage while maintaining the beautiful greens. However, many landowners are on the lookout for smart irrigation services in St. Augustine.

Save More Water with Smart Irrigation Services in St. Augustine, FL

Statistics say, around 50% of the water used for irrigation goes to waste. This wasted water causes damage not only to the environment but also to our pockets. There is simply no reason for picking between a colourful garden and appropriate water usage in today’s day and age.

A professional irrigation company St. Augustine can help you in maintaining a reasonable water consumption level. It can also provide you with the ideal lawn maintenance tool that can help you improve the look and health of your greens.

Pros of Having a Smart Irrigation System

Manual irrigation control is utterly time-consuming, and you might not get it right always. A smart irrigation system is far more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The system will handle the footwork done for you.

Upgrading to a more modern and effective system will efficiently control the precise quantity of water your land will require. While anyone can easily perform the necessary upgrade but, hiring a professional irrigation company St. Augustine is essential to install the system and ensure that you have seamlessly smart technology.

About Smart Irrigation System

A smart irrigation system comes with smart control and technically specialized smart irrigation attachments. These smart attachments assess and collect details of water intake, accessibility, quality, and unique land requirements.

Nevertheless, you will ultimately cut back the water quantity that you otherwise use each month. The automated controller can help you handle various types of irrigation problems that might take a lot of your valuable time while working out manually.

Like when your land is already watery due to heavy rain, the smart controller will automatically stop the normal irrigation cycles until the ground is dried out and needs water again. This automated technology estimates the right amount of water each piece of your land needs to function optimally. It collects information about the local atmospheric conditions. Besides, it can also adjust the water demands accordingly.

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Working of Smart Irrigation System

Mainly, an automated smart irrigation system functions by the central controller connected to the sensors around the land. This controller connects to your WiFi system. The technology tracks things like the current conditions of local weather and soil, drying rates, the amount of water your plants and grass utilize, etc.

It then adjusts irrigation programs automatically to cater to each need of the site. Besides, smart technology also monitors the issues like leaks, breaks, and even water theft.

Benefits of Smart Irrigation System

A smart irrigation system is comparatively much easier to handle and saves you a lot of money, energy, and time. It calculates the specific quantity of water required for your land and will trim away all the additional margins. A smart system will make you spend less on water bills and will fulfill your local irrigation services needs.

Handling irrigation yourself will sooner or later result in overwatering risk, which can further cause various issues, particularly when your land is close to streets or any public facilities that can get damaged by water overflow.

The smart irrigation system, on the contrary, will lower the possible chances of under or over-watering an area, thereby maintaining the greens look healthy throughout the year.

Smart garden concept. A woman is holding in hand a blank screen tablet computer on a garden sprinkler background.

Time to Upgrade your Current Irrigation System

First of all, pile up as much data as you can about your present irrigation system. You can do this investigation yourself, but if you find it hard, opt for a professional landscape maintenance St. Augustine team to perform the task for you.

Get Professional Help

It is ideal to call a field expert to upgrade your irrigation system, especially if you own a large area. Let the team of experts visit your land in person and carry out an irrigation audit. The team of a professional irrigation company will do a few necessary tests before establishing what things you might need to improve your irrigation system. The most common things they might do are-

  • Piling up details about your existing irrigation system.
  • Checking if the present system is functioning at its best.
  • Analyzing the exact need for irrigation and water systems in your property.
  • Scheduling a program to effectively irrigate your land, depending on the availability of water.
  • Advising dependable maintenance systems that will keep your irrigation system more efficient and reliable.
  • Preparing the quote for your irrigation system upgrade needs.
  • Ultimately, providing you with valid estimated quotes on the quantity of water and money you may save by installing a smart irrigation system.

Furthermore, the team will resolve all landscape maintenance problems with your existing irrigation services in St. Augustine that are not suitable with the new system. When needed, they will upgrade some of the hardware. Once done, the irrigation company will proceed with setting up the smart system.

What is the Cost of a Smart Irrigation System?

The cost of installing a new smart irrigation system depends on the actual size of your land and the special features you require. The best thing is to find a professional irrigation company to evaluate your needs.


If you are all set to install the smart irrigation system into your lawn, opt for JohnnysTurf.com a professional lawn care service in St. Augustine to fetch the required information and quote. Let the team of experts have an in-person visit to access your property so they can help you get the best and the most effective smart irrigation system.

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