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How To Make A Small House Look Neater

Make a Small House Look Bigger!

Recently bought a new house, apartment, or condo? Having trouble with how you want the whole place to look? As much as the size of your place is important, there are so many other strategies that you can use to make the place look cleaner and more organized than before!

If you’re looking to maximize small living space, you should take a look at the many tips that we have for you that involves maximizing your flooring plan.

1. Smart Positioning

For spaces where you would usually find many a lot of furniture and home décor such as living rooms and the kitchen, be smart with where you put your things. Be sure of where you will put the furniture. One trick to make feel like the room is bigger is to not put your furniture to the wall. Of course, exemptions come in the form of beds and wall-side tables.

Having these spaces between the furniture and the wall gives the place a bit of a breathing room. It stops the room from feeling too cramped. Keep in mind that when you have to force some furniture to fit in the room, that means it doesn’t fit there. If a piece is too large, then you should not put it in the room.

2. Be Particular with Décor

As much as decorating rooms is important and something absolutely necessary to some, when you’re working with a small house, you have to be distinct with what you can use.

small house decor

You only have so much space to spare. With that, we suggest that you step away from numerous small Knick Knacks and utilize larger more functional décor. By doing so, you maximize the space you have, even when you use it for decorations!

One good technique is to have a singular centrepiece in each room. If the centrepiece is as eye-catching as it is, then that would be enough of décor for it.

3. Take Advantage of Mirrors

One way to create the illusion of a place being larger than it seems is to put on strategically placed mirrors. Don’t be afraid to make use of relatively large mirrors. Place it in one wall so that at first glance, it would seem like a window to another place. Put it near a window and you’ll see a reflection of the view to the outside. It’s a smart little way to make a room seem bigger, or at least to have something else to look at.

4. Keep Things Low

When you’re hanging things on the wall, be sure to keep it at eye level and never higher. The idea here is to keep the upper part of the wall open so that it feels as if there are fewer things within a room. You won’t have to tip your head up to look at pictures or windows. Instead, everything is naturally within your eyesight. Not only is it more comfortable, but it’s just very convenient!

For other things you can hang besides mirrors, you should prioritize having a clock in each room, and then at the opposite wall of a mirror, place a large painting or picture frame. Do not overcrowd a wall with ten or so picture frames for now.

If you want to do that, however, we suggest dedicating one wall in the dining room or the living room. Remember to follow the rule of keeping things at eye level. Make revisiting the past with these pictures a sweet and easy thing to do.

small house plan

5. Go Bright, Go White

There’s no better way to make a place look clean than by having it be painted white. It’s going to be harder to maintain, but it’s worth it for all the aesthetics that it provides. The home wall with white colour is like a blank canvas. You can put any décor on it and it will merge with the whole space.

At the same time, a white wall opens up a room. It makes the space feel airy and serene. For the most part, it is great for decluttering a person’s eyes. It simplifies the view and puts the attention on the things in the foreground like the furniture and décor.

6. Don’t do Rugs

Contrary to popular belief, rugs and carpets do more clutter than organize for a lot of people. To some, carpets do add a sense of space. But for most, it’s just a rather unnecessary layer to an already simple and graceful design.

7. Key Takeaway

With a small house and smaller spaces, there’s only so much that you can do to maximize the place. By all means, it’s easy to make the place look neat and tidy, especially with the tips that we have presented. At the end of the day, just make sure that you think of your flooring plan understand the space you have and go with what you want your house to look like!

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