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How to Take Proper Care of Your Walnut Kitchen Cabinets?

Do you have walnut kitchen cabinets at home? As it comes to taking care of walnut wood cabinets, you should never take any risk with the cleaners and restorers being used. Never use any harsh chemicals on the wood.

Otherwise, it may permanently damage the piece of furniture while lowering its value which you can’t reinstate. Besides, there are good quality restorer or cleaners available in the market that can work perfectly without causing any damage to the furniture.

Yes, they exist. But it’s always good to follow DIY techniques for your home furniture. However, if you can’t manage it yourself, get help from professionals. They used to use their formula to clean and restore walnut furniture.

Cleaners to be used to maintain walnut furniture 

But which would be the right formula? Well, here are some cleaners and restorers that can retain the natural sheen and beauty of modern walnut cabinets.

  • The basic cleaner–Maintaining a walnut kitchen cabinet requires regular cleaning. And thus, you need to use something gentle while doing its job perfectly. This is a simple formula to follow. Take white vinegar and hot water in the same quantity and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Now spray it on the cabinets and then wipe it off with a clean soft piece of cloth.
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Not only walnut cabinets, but this solution can also be used on any type of wooden furniture as well as wooden floors. It helps to get off the dirt and dust while keeping the natural shine of the wood through. Don’t worry about the smell of vinegar. It will go away as it gets dry.

  • Stronger cleaner and restorer – For an old piece of furniture or one that hasn’t been cleaned in recent times, you have to use something stronger. As the dirt gets accumulated for quite a long time, basic cleaners might not work to remove them. Also, if there is any minor damage, then also the basic one won’t work. It needs a bit more power.
  • For this additional power, you need to make a solution of olive oil and white vinegar. Mix them in a 1:3 ratio and take them in a jar. Use a rag and take a small amount of the solution to moist it. Now gently work off the grime and dirt. It would help to restore the polish of the modern walnut cabinets.
  • Further polish – If none of the formulas works for the polish you’re looking for, there is an original polish recipe for you. It also needs two items to make the recipe – oil and beeswax. You can use either olive oil or walnut oil. Grate the wax to make a 4th of a cup.
  • Now mix it with a cup of oil you have chosen. Melt the wax so it perfectly mixes with the oil. Allows it to cool. Stir it well to prevent separation. This method is perfect for any wood items including walnut cabinets, wooden toys, and wooden floors. Use a cotton cloth as the applicator.

Taking care of walnut kitchen cabinets is not that hard if done correctly. All you need to use the proper method and the proper solution for restoring their sheen and polish.

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