How To Start An Online T-shirt Business In 6 Steps

Guide on How to start a T-shirt Business Online

A t-shirt reflects the personality of the person wearing it. Selling t-shirts online has become a trend recently, and people seem to have grown in selling t-shirts online. Starting a t-shirt business online can be divided into some steps that can help one organize starting a business of selling t-shirts online.

There are many platforms that can help you with selling your t-shirts online. PrintShop by Designhill is a marketplace where one can sell not just a t-shirt but various other gifts with their artwork. Starting an online t-shirt business can be divided into six steps that are given below.

1. Select Your Niche

Having a niche is essential for one to start with their own online t-shirt business. Before you begin with t-shirt printing, you need to ensure what audience you will be targeting.

Niches of custom t-shirts can be a t-shirt with a quote, a t-shirt with a design, a plain t-shirt featuring a minimalist design.

You can discover your t-shirt business’s niche by engaging with your friends or getting your own opinion to work around with your t-shirt business.

You can check some popular sites selling t-shirts to get the idea of a trending niche and start with that particular niche.

When starting a t-shirt business, it is not compulsory to stick to a single niche; with your business’s growth, you can start with multi-niche as well.

2. Get Quality Material

Starting a t-shirt business, one needs to ensure that they are using quality material for manufacturing the t-shirt.

When starting a new business, you will want to make more profit, but when opting to go for high-quality material, one will not compromise with their profit.


High-quality material will cost much more than low-quality material, and with this, the profit you earn will also be less.

But when starting a business, you need to focus on customer retention, which will only be possible if you are selling high-quality products.

Having high-quality products listed on your website will affect the customer’s decision to buy your product and refer them to their friends.

When making custom t-shirts, you also need to ensure several factors, such as the fitting, size, and weight of the product they are selling.

3. Create Your Design

Once you are done selecting the niche and getting the high-quality material, you can start with creating your design. Creating your design for your t-shirt is one of the most important parts of starting an online business.

Find a design that you feel can get you high sales by getting ideas from already trending designs. You can get ideas for the design of your niche with various.

t-shirt design

communities about t-shirt design. A t-shirt maker or a designer will also help you with selecting the design for your t-shirt.

There are many websites like Designhill, which can help you get your design ideas by showcasing you some of the most popular designs from creators worldwide.

4. Mock Up Your T-shirt

Once you have selected your design or have it made by a designer, you can mock up your t-shirts. You can get mockup images of the t-shirt designs to present to your customer.

This will help your customers have an idea of how the t-shirt will look like. When you have the final t-shirt design ready, you can ask for samples of the t-shirt before you start by selling the t-shirts online, or click some photographs of the t-shirt by yourself.

Doing this will help you showcase your designs to the customers. You can get t-shirt templates, which will also help you with getting the mock-up files.

Try Adobe Photoshop t-shirt templates, which can also be used as mock up files to showcase your customers.

5. Validate Your Design

You need to ensure that the product you have designed can rank well in the market and get the attention of the customers or not. Before you invest a huge amount of money in starting your business, you can start by validating your design.

You can do this by getting the opinion of other people and asking them for feedback. This can be done by sending other people the design of your t-shirts or giving them your custom t-shirts for free and asking them for feedback.

You can post the designs on social media platforms or in some community. Once you are sure that your design will stand out in the market and gain customers’ attraction, you can continue further.

6. Setup Your Online Store

Once you decided your niche, choose a fabric you will use to create a design for the custom t-shirts. Later ahead you set up your online store where you can start selling your t-shirt.

Develop an e-commerce platform on Shopify, WordPress or Woo-commerce to start selling your custom t-shirt products online. Use t-shirt printing services to will help you get your t-shirt ready for sale.

Set up an inventory for your store, which will monitor all the sales made, the total number of products sold, products left in stock, and all the out-of-stock products.

Setup a payment gateway so that your customers won’t find it difficult to place an order with your online store.

Moreover, there are various websites, which will help you sell your products online. For instance, with PrintShop by Designhill, users can sell their t-shirts online without having to create their e-commerce store.

All you need to do is register on PrintShop by Designhill and start with selling your custom t-shirts.


Now that you know how to create your store and start selling t-shirts online, you need to make sure that you build your brand name. Building a brand name will help you sell your products and get more recognition from people worldwide.

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