How Custom Swag Boxes Can Boost Your Brand: A Guide

On average, it takes a consumer 7 interactions with your brand before they make a purchase. Because of this, it’s extremely important to focus on branding. Without it, people won’t have a clue who you are! One great way you can practice good branding is by giving out custom swag boxes.

Want to find out more about swag boxes? Then read on. Here’s how they can boost your brand!

It Makes You Memorable

Have you ever been to a trade show where every stall just passes out pens, notepads, etc. that are plain and boring? This doesn’t inspire much enthusiasm for the brand, so don’t go that route.

When you put together custom swag, the recipients will be excited about all the things they find inside the box. You can include things like stress balls, mugs, stickers, etc., things that you think people will find useful and/or fun.

And make sure your brand name is displayed prominently! That way, whenever they go to use the items from the swag box, they’ll see your name; this counts as part of the 7 interactions we mentioned earlier. Before you know it, consumers will be contacting you for your services/products, all because they keep seeing your brand name on the swag box items.

More Chances of Your Swag Being on Social Media

Social media used to be a way for users to network and make friends. But nowadays, it’s an important platform for advertising and branding, especially with the presence of influencers.

When you give out custom swag boxes that look cool and have fantastic items, there’s a higher chance of them making unboxing videos and showing off what they’ve gotten from your company. This becomes a form of free advertising since their followers will see these pictures and videos, and they’ll learn of your brand!

It Raises Employee Morale

Who says custom swag boxes are only for customers? Making some for your employees can definitely raise morale! As a result, they’ll be more inclined to recommend your company to both prospective workers and customers.

Also, if you put some thought into it and fill your box with the best swag possible, your employees will willingly wear or display their swag. And when they walk around town, this will basically be like free advertising for your brand!

If you’re interested in making company swag, try Axomo. Not only can you create swag boxes, but you can also gamify things to improve employee engagement.

Start Making Custom Swag Boxes

As you can see, custom swag boxes are a fun and exciting way to get your brand noticed. Not only that, but it can also boost morale in the workplace, plus get you some extra advertising for free.

So put together a wonderful swag box and start giving them out. You’ll see firsthand just how effective this type of branding is!

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