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5 Pieces of Customer Service Technology to Improve Your Business

Let us say that your customers somehow received bad customer service. Did you know that 91% of them would leave without warning?

Not only that, but as a direct result of bad service, 47% of those customers would switch brands, no questions asked.

Now, no business can afford to have customers just walk out their door like that, particularly if it’s due to circumstances and experiences that you can change!

Focusing on the customer’s experience is absolutely key to finding and maintaining customer relationships. This is also made easier with the right customer service technology. Keep reading to find out how customer service tech can help you optimize customer service.

Why Using Customer Service Technology Matters

There are several ways that customer service technology can help your brand emerge from the pack as a brand that gives nothing but superior customer experiences.

Technology is usually one that molds to your business and how it operates as opposed to your business having to change for something else. Here’s how you can make the technology work for you.

1. Website Technology

Your customers don’t only interact with your brand in the physical sense, but they also interact with it digitally. Usually, the first place they do this is on your website.

A fast-loading, customer-centric website will give your customers the optimum brand experience while engaging with your brand. Make sure that information is easily accessible and you have well-written CTAs.

2. Respond Quickly

Nowadays, in the digital age, customers expect replies almost as fast as they can make a cup of coffee. Your brand needs to be on point with how quickly you can respond to customers when they have questions and complaints.

Using automated email software or even chatbots can help with this.

3. Focus On Past Mistakes

Using technology to fix past mistakes is a great way to establish rapport with your customers. For example, if you’d previously had issues with shipping and delivery, then you could look into a solution like linxup.com for your drivers and logistics.

4. Use Personalization

It can be quite fulfilling to receive marketing material and promotional material that is tailored to you. Personalization goes a long way with marketing communications.

effective customer service technology management

Consider using software that allows you to record important data on your customers and use that information to automate communications with personalization.

5. Using the Right Stock Tech

There is stock-taking technology available to you that can help you stay on top of your products. Use this tech to ensure that your website, eCommerce store, or physical store is on top of your stock.

There’s nothing worse than a customer thinking that something is in stock when it isn’t, and having to leave disappointed in your brand.

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Customer service technology will certainly give you the headstart you need to put your customers first.

But remember that customer service is also about creating customer-centric behavior with your staff and within your business. When your teams know how to deal with sticky customer situations, then you’re more than likely to rise out of potential customer crises much easier.

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