5 Benefits of Hiring a Recruiter for Your Healthcare Startup

There were 6.8x more posts for recruits in June 2021 than June 2020. The need for recruits is growing rapidly, and it’s because companies are seeing what an asset they are as we emerge out of the pandemic. If you’ve been wondering if hiring a recruiter is right for your healthcare startup, it likely is.

Read on to find out why.

1. They Can Filter Through Applicants

When you post a job online, there’s a high chance you’ll get a lot of applicants who aren’t qualified. That means sifting through the applications to find out who is worth looking into and if you have a lot of applications, that’s quite a task.

One of the benefits of recruiters is that you never have to look through the applications that don’t even meet the basic qualifications of the job.

2. There’s Increased Visibility

Medtech startups may not be that known or have many contacts yet. Hiring a recruiter means you’ll open the door to a lot of contacts.

Not only is it true that they might have contacts in your industry and know where to look without posting a listing, but they’ll have visibility in terms of where they post a listing. Many people might already follow them on sites like LinkedIn, so you have a pool of applicants just waiting.

What do recruiters do? They network, and that’s why it’s handy for you!

3. They’re a Huge Time Saver

If you’re working with a healthcare startup, you probably have enough to focus on. The recruitment industry is the last thing you need to be getting involved in when you have your own.

A recruiter will do all of this for you, leaving you to focus on what matters.

4. They’re an Objective Set of Eyes

Sometimes you might get a bit blinded when you start recruiting in healthcare. You might become more narrow-minded than you want to be, focusing on an arbitrary set of qualifications or a certain experience that doesn’t actually matter.

A recruiter can help open up your eyes and mind to candidates that might be great for the position but you’d never actually have thought of.

5. The Expert Advice

The expert advice a recruiter can provide is invaluable. They’ll help guide you through the interview process and even send tests to the applicants to judge their cognitive ability or their suitability for the position.

They’ll know which tests to send and what to look for in the results.

Hiring a Recruiter Will Change Your Business for the Better

If you’ve been thinking of hiring a recruiter, this is your sign to do it. You have enough to focus on in your healthcare startup and outsourcing some of the work to someone else and letting them handle what they’re best at will be a huge weight off your mind. You’ll see!

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