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Why Are There So Many Ant Hills in My Yard?

Did you know there are around 10 quadrillion ants on earth? That means there are around one million ants for every human.

In all likelihood, your property is home to a small portion of this vast population. Perhaps you’ve noticed ant hills popping up around your home and you’re wondering “why are there so many ant hills in my yard?”

Looking for tips on how to get rid of ants? Read on!

“Why Are There So Many Ant Hills In My Yard?” Soil Conditions Could Be Responsible!

Ants may not seem picky to the uninitiated. But there are specific conditions that are ideal for ants to thrive and form hills. Lightly sandy soil is ideal for ants to build their nests since the soil is easy to tunnel through and doesn’t collapse under minor pressure.

The soil in west Jordan, Utah is particularly prone to ant infestations. But since replacing all the soil on your property is impractical, it can be a difficult problem to address. If you live in this city and have an ant problem, click the link for details on how you can access help.

You’re Providing Nesting Materials

Not all ants nest underground. Some species, like the carpenter ant, use wood to build their homes. So, if you’ve got lots of decaying wood on your land, you’re practically sending out an invite for local ants to come and live on your property.

 are ant hills in the lawn bad

By removing debris from your property, you’ll remove another incentive for ants to nest on your property. Clearing up your yard can also help you spot ants when they move in by providing you with a clearer view.

Nearby Food and Water

Like all other lifeforms, ants need food and water to live. So, it makes sense that they build their homes close to sources of sustenance.

You might unwittingly be providing local ants with an incentive to use your garden as a base. Perhaps there are trash cans nearby and your unwanted guests are feasting on your garbage. Or maybe you’ve got plenty of fruit trees in your yard, dropping sugary snacks on the grass.

Try to identify easy sources of food and water on your property and remove them. Not only will discarded food attract ants from elsewhere, but it can also provide fuel for existing colonies to grow.

We’re Working Like Ants To Provide You With Content!

We hope we’ve given you an answer to the question “why are there so many ant hills in my yard?”. Once you know the signs to look for, getting rid of ants becomes a lot easier to prevent an ant infestation around your home.

If you’re noticing an abundance of anthills on your property, it’s a good idea to take action before the problem grows worse. Ants can multiply quickly and if you don’t bring in professionals to help you tackle an infestation, things could soon become overwhelming.

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