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What Are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Did you know that there are around 52,000 new cases of oral cancer this year? Depending on where the cancer starts, it can then affect other areas of the body. If it isn’t treated early enough, it can lead to death.

Catching mouth cancer early can lead to a faster and better recovery. Knowing what are the symptoms of oral cancer isn’t just about catching it early. It’s about taking care of yourself.

Your Neck Has a Lump

There are a few different symptoms of oral cancer, and one of them is a lump in your neck. This lump can be any size, and it might feel hard or soft. It can be painful, or it might not cause any pain at all.

Your Teeth Are Loose

The symptoms of oral cancer can vary, but one of the more common ones is that your teeth may start to feel loose. This is usually caused by the cancerous growths putting pressure on the teeth and causing them to become loose.

Pain In Your Throat

Other symptoms of mouth cancer can include pain, difficulty swallowing, and a feeling that something is caught in your throat. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to see a doctor right away so that the cancer can be detected and treated as soon as possible.

Your Lips are Sore

One of the main symptoms of oral cancer is soreness or discomfort in the lips. You may also experience pain or numbness in the lips, as well as swelling or redness.

If the cancer is located in the lower lip, you may also notice a lump or growth. In some cases, the soreness or discomfort in the lips may be the only symptom of oral cavity cancer.

Your Speech Has Changed

One of the more common and noticeable symptoms is a change in speech. This can manifest itself in several ways, such as a change in the volume, pitch, or quality of the voice.

You Have a Bleeding and Numb Mouth

Some of the most common symptoms of mouth cancer include bleeding and a numb mouth. This can be caused by several things, including tumors, cancers, or other growths.

You Have Red or White Patches In and Out of Your Mouth

There are a few different symptoms of oral cancer that you may experience if you have red or white patches in and out of your mouth. These patches may be painful, or they may bleed easily.

You Have Sudden Weight Loss

There are many different symptoms of oral cancer, but one of the most common and indicative symptoms is sudden weight loss. This is often one of the first symptoms that people notice, as it can be quite dramatic and noticeable.

If you suspect having these symptoms, you should consider oral cancer screening. To learn more about oral cancer screening, visit your doctor.

Knowing What Are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer Helps

It is important to know what are the symptoms of oral cancer so that you can catch it early. Oral cancer can be deadly, so it is important to see a doctor if you have any of the symptoms. If you think you might have mouth cancer, call your doctor today.

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