Is Chris Evans Returning To MCU? Kevin Feige Addresses Rumor

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  • Chris Evans Is Not Returning To MCU Anytime Soon
  • The Actor Was Last Seen Playing The Role Of Captain America In Avengers: Endgame

A few months ago, a Deadline article claiming Chris Evans could come back as Captain America set the internet on fire. But after the actor shortly after the rumor came out, MCU boss Kevin Feige just dampened the excitement of fans who wanted to see Evans play the Super Soldier again.

Chris Evans, a mainstay of the MCU

Chris Evans is undoubtedly considered one of the mainstays of the MCU, having played for eight years the cult character of Captain America. 

Since his first appearance in the skin of the hero with the shield, in 2011, the actor has returned to lend his features to the super soldier in various projects.

We have seen him in three films focused on his character and the four Avengers games, not to mention several cameos in other adventures of the Marvel heroes. But all good things come to an end.

Will there any new movie of Captain America?

The last AvengersEndgame, concluded the story of several heroes in the MCU, including that of the super-soldier.

Since the film’s release in 2019, we haven’t seen Evans play Captain America again, and the events of the end of the film strongly resembled the actor’s farewell in character.

However, last January, the information set the web ablaze. The deadline had claimed that Chris Evans was in negotiations with the House of Ideas to reprise his iconic role as Captain America.

Without giving too many details, the American media, generally very well informed, had specified that no other film on the super soldier was planned.

The actor was instead to reprise the costume in a project centered around another member of the Avengers. But it seems that the Deadline was wrong this time.

A rumor denied in January by Evans…

Last January, following the shocking announcement from the American media, fans immediately began to speculate on the MCU project in which we could see Chris Evans again.

Some hoped, for example, that he would be present in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But Evans himself was quick to react to the rumor.

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A few hours after the release of the article that had ignited the internet, the actor had split a message on his Twitter account which simply stated: “I hear the news. “

While the post could be seen as not being a formal denial, it did not lend itself to optimism for the actor’s return. And Kevin Feige’s recent statements aren’t going to reassure those who were hoping Evans’s statement left the possibility of seeing him return.

And now by Kevin Feige

After the success of Wanda Vision, the House of Ideas is preparing to unveil its new series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Kevin Feige is therefore in full promotion of the new show.

During an interview for EW, the boss of the MCU was notably asked about the rumor launched by Deadline a few months ago.

And if he didn’t give a direct and definitive answer either, Feige went along with Chris Evans. He thus declared:

“I rarely say no to anything now because there are always things that surprise me, but I believe that rumor was denied rather quickly by the principal concerned.”

We, therefore, understand that there is little chance of seeing Evans replay Steve Rogers. Unless the actor and the MCU boss are both lying in an attempt to keep the surprise down, Avengers: Endgame should therefore be the actor’s last appearance as the shield hero.

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