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What is CAMU CAMU? Know All About CAMU Berry

Camu Camu, What is it?

What is Camu Camu?

These questions a few months ago formed my mental dialogue when I first heard about this fruit. The first time I was told that Camu Camu is an exceptional fruit. Especially because it is the fruit with the highest concentration of Vitamin C in nature.

To make sure that this statement was not excessive I immediately went to check if it was so. I did some research and found that the pure organic Camu Camu provides about 2400-3000mg of 100g of fresh produce (fruit pulp).

While making a comparison with a more common fruit, we see that the orange for example. It contains about 53mg of vitamin C per 100g.

This is an exciting figure as the two additional elements of which one is linked to vitamin C & the other to vitamins in its natural form:

The numerous and very important beneficial effects of Vitamin C :

  • The biosynthesis of COLLAGEN – gives a beautiful & toned body structure (in fact collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is found in connective tissues such as that under the skin).
  • ANTIOXIDANT action – through the vitamin E regeneration system provides effective protection against free radicals
  • The biosynthesis of GOOD EICOSANOID HORMONES – powerful natural anti-inflammatory and vasodilator agents, which promote the health of the cardiovascular system.
  • ANTINEOPLASTIC action – protects DNA, proteins and cell membranes from dangerous free radicals and prevents carcinogenesis from nitrosamines
  • The biosynthesis of NORADRENALINE – one of the hormones of reactivity to environmental stimuli and one of the main fat-burning hormones.
  • The metabolism of IRON – enhances the action of iron, thus preventing problems related to a deficiency of this essential mineral
  • The biosynthesis of CARNITINE – essential for the use of fat. Mostly used by athletes to reduce fat mass and increase energy.
  • Activation of FOLIC ACID – active in the formation of Methionine, from which S-adenosyl-methionine (SAM) is formed. It also supports more than 100 different biological reactions in our bodies.
  • The biosynthesis of STEROID HORMONES – used by the body for the natural anti-inflammatory effect. And also for the formation of sex hormones
  • Biosynthesis of BILIARY ACIDS – essential for the correct assimilation of food.

Harvesting of the fruits of Camu Camu

Organic Camu Camu Benefits

The Natural vitamin C is more effective than that synthesis. The main reason lies in the fact that fruit like Camu Camu, when consumed, does not only provide Vitamin C.

Instead, with this, you also take on a multitude of other natural elements, some of which have a synergistic action with Vitamin C, and so enhance its effectiveness.
For example, one of these natural components of the juice can help the assimilation of Vitamin C, another can enhance its functioning mechanism in any of the biochemical stages in which this vitamin is inserted, etc.
In this way, there is a synergy between natural elements that optimizes the effectiveness of Vitamin C by decreasing the quantity necessary to get a given effect on health.
In addition, the juice Camu Camu contains antioxidants natural components of considerable importance. It mainly consists of flavonoids, anthocyanins, and other elements of high health value.

The first information was thus inspiring, so I decided to get a bottle of Camu Camu juice from Peru, the place of origin of this fruit. Camu Camu (its scientific name is Myrciaria Dubai), grows in the Amazon rainforest, so it can easily found in Brazil and Peru.

After about two months of waiting, the bottle of Camu Camu juice finally arrives at my house. It was in a glass bottle, from which a beautiful bright red colour emerged in transparency. As you can see from the bottle below (which I have removed the label).

Surely, starting with the astonishing vitamin C content of the fresh fruit, during the process of harvesting, processing, dilution and distribution, the vitamin C content undergoes a decrease. Despite this, pure organic Camu Camu is still a great way to take vitamin C at regular intervals.

Impatient, I immediately uncorked the bottle to taste the Camu Camu juice …

In fact, vitamin C is an essential vitamin for humans – which is eliminated through urine – and must be restored with a certain regularity with healthy food (and for those who want it with supplementation).

The juice felt different from what I had tasted so far, the taste was a little bitter. It even reminded me a little of medicine, while it is perhaps the most natural thing that exists!

The citric acid and ascorbic acid contained in this fruit help to determine the sour/bitter taste of Camu Camu. I’m curious about the taste of Camu Camu. So I decide to talk about it with my Peruvian friend.

So I immediately call her, talk about the juice and its taste, and the beneficial properties attributed to it.

Giovanna – that’s my friend’s name – confirms that the fruit has this particular taste. He says it’s a bit bitter, and he also tells me something else: “

In Peru, we also consume Camu Camu juices – or herbal teas – which have a less pleasant taste, because we know they are very good.

So we use these natural products not because they are good for their taste, but because they are good for health“. Holy words! (I thought).

The taste has certainly improved a lot as it appears to be a good non-alcoholic fruit aperitif that can be enjoyed in summer. With one difference: this is Camu Camu juice, the fruit with the highest concentration of vitamin C in nature!

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