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How Long Does Drug Withdrawal Last? Symptoms and Remedies

Getting sober is hard, and many people see the beginning of a new year as a chance to take on this challenge. If you’re giving up alcohol and/or drugs, what can you expect?

First off, you’re not alone if you’re struggling with addiction to an illicit substance. Currently, over 37 million Americans have used an illicit drug within the past year.

If you’re afraid of drug withdrawal symptoms and the challenges that come with quitting, we’ve got the information that you need to know. Keep reading to find out how long does drug withdrawal lasts, what symptoms you can expect, and what remedies can make this time a little easier.

What is Drug Withdrawal?

Understanding what drug withdrawal does to one’s system will help you manage a person’s approach to getting sober. Basically, a person’s body becomes dependent on whatever they were using, and withdrawal is the reaction to quitting the substance.

Withdrawal isn’t just physical. It’s also mental, emotional, and psychological. Depending on the drug, the body will react in different ways.

For example, opioids act as painkillers. During opioid withdrawal involves the body learning to make its own endorphins again.

The changes on a physical level affect one’s mental health and emotions as well. Drugs can be used to deal with difficult emotions, and having to face the world without them can make those issues rise to the surface again.

How Long Does Drug Withdrawal Last?

The next question you might have is how long should one expect drug withdrawal symptoms to last. Again, it depends on the type of substance that was being used.

Physically, drug withdrawal can last anywhere from three to five days to several weeks. Sometimes, with a stronger opioid like methadone, withdrawal symptoms can even last for months.

Emotional withdrawal is another factor when it comes to managing these symptoms. When starting sobriety, one should expect not just physical symptoms but should be prepared to face emotional and psychological effects as well.

What Are Some Drug Withdrawal Remedies?

What can one do to manage drug withdrawal symptoms? There are several things one can do to help deal with the symptoms that come from withdrawing from drug use.

Tried and true ways to stay healthy, like getting enough sleep, eating right, and doing some light exercise, will help. There are studies being done to show that those who buy kratom and use it to manage their symptoms have shown some promise.

The best thing to do to no matter what is to talk to a health professional and get medical treatment. Manage your symptoms under professional guidance for best results.

Managing Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Now that you know how long does drug withdrawal lasts and what you can do to manage the symptoms, you have a better understanding of what getting out of substance abuse takes.

The best way to manage any substance abuse issue is to talk to a doctor. Reach out to someone you trust if you’re struggling with this serious issue.

Being committed to your best life can be a bumpy road, but it’s so worth it. If you’re looking for more ideas on healthy living, check out our other health and fitness articles.

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