Charcoal vs Wood: Which Grilling Method Gives the Best Flavor?

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Did you know that almost 80 million Americans grilled meals outside in 2021? It’s a great way to cook but many grillers debate using charcoal vs wood.

But what’s the big difference between grilling with wood pellets vs charcoal anyway? Are you looking for an answer so that you can impress your guests at the next BBQ?

The following guide will explain charcoal vs wood flavor differences so that you can finally pick a team. Read on to learn which method is right for you and grill with confidence!

Charcoal Grilling Advantages

Charcoal turns food drippings into smoky, fragrant flavored particles. The process works to infuse your food with a wonderful taste.

Placing charcoal under your food cooks it with infrared heat. So, you’ll lose less moisture and have juicier meats compared to other methods.

You can grill, smoke, bake, or sear foods using charcoal. The Barebones cowboy grilling system even allows you to cook food directly on the coals.

Charcoal is typically more affordable than wood pellets. It’s also easy to arrange coals so that you have dual cooking zones for different foods.


Wood Grilling Advantages

Smoke rises and gets soaked into your food when you grill with wood. enhancing its flavor. Different types of wood create unique flavors to enhance all sorts of meats and veggies.

For example, hickory wood gives a full-bodied flavor that’s similar to bacon. Grilling with oak produces a milder and less-overpowering flavor that works well with most meats.

Wood also produces a longer burn time than charcoal. Some thick cuts of meat require longer grilling times and wood is perfect for the job.

It’s easy to light a creates less of a mess when you handle it when compared to charcoal. Dry wood even burns hotter than charcoal which is great for searing meat.

Charcoal vs Wood

Charcoal is the better option if you’re looking to save some money or keep flavors more neutral. It’s also a good choice if you’re cooking multiple foods on the same grill.

Wood might cost a bit more, but it will make cooking thicker cuts of meat much easier. It’s also the best option if you’re looking to enhance your food’s flavor.

Consider mixing wood pellets in with your charcoal bricks to get the best of both worlds. Both methods cook hotter than gas grills and give an excellent smoky flavor.

Perhaps you’ll find that charcoal is your go-to for quick burgers, hotdogs, and veggies. Although, you might prefer wood grilling to boost the flavors of foods like steaks, chicken, and fish.

Which Will You Choose?

Now you know that when it comes to charcoal vs wood grilling it all depends on your preferences and the food. Experiment with both and decide which method works best for your style of cooking.

We’re sure your friends and family will love to help taste-test your delicious grilled food! Check out our food and drinks category for more grilling tips and other amazing information.

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