5 Happy Reasons To Stay at a Disney World Resort Hotel

Did you know Walt Disney World makes about 19 million dollars every day on average? When guests are spending so much money, it’s important to get the full magic experience during their stay.

Disneyland offers more than twenty-five hotels in Disney resort to choose from for your family vacation. Follow along for the top 5 reasons to stay in a Disney resort hotel.

1. Complete Immersion

Disney World Resorts offer complete immersion in the so-called “Disney bubble”. Most themed rooms offer Disney amenities that can make you feel as though you have entered a fairytale world. If you are lucky enough to book a Park View room, you will be able to see the magic from your window.

Fun Disney-themed activities take place all day long and are great for all guests alike. Guests can enjoy poolside games, smores, Disney trivia, and movies during their stay.

2. Ease of Transportation

If you are staying at a Disney Resort Hotel, you will have access to the theme park’s complimentary transportation methods. Options vary between riding a bus, boat, gondola, or monorail. You can even get shuttle service from the Orlando Airport which turns into your magical pumpkin ride at midnight.

This is convenient if you happen to forget something in your hotel or want to take a nap. You can easily hop on your preferred mode of transportation and return to the fun in no time. This will also save you money on parking fees.

disney world resort hotels

3. Enjoy Exclusive Park Time

Normal hours of operation do not apply to guests who stay in Disney resorts. You will have earlier access to the park by at least 30 minutes. This helps guests get a jump on attractions, dining, or shops and make the most of their time.

You simply need to show your reservation or key card. Extended evening hours are also available on specific hours and dates.

4. Access to Food

With a hotel stay, dining reservations are available 60 days prior to your visit. There are very high-demand dining experiences that typically include character involvement. These tend to fill up fast because regular guests must book one day at a time.

Most Disney rooms offer a minifridge or a kitchenette. This can be a great option to save money by being able to prepare your own meals. Check out Bay Lake Tower resale listings for a stay where these great amenities are offered.

5. Discount MagicBands

You can use Magicbands throughout the park to make private and secure purchases. You can even use them to get into your hotel room and receive your photos from the park.

These can be designed specifically to suit your style and can match your park outfit. If you plan your visit through the My Disney experience, these Magicbands are a great way to effortlessly execute your agenda with ease.

Book your Disney Resort Hotel Today

There are so many unique benefits of staying at a Disney Resort Hotel that will make your stay magical. If you want to make the most out of your time on vacation, you are making the right choice by booking Disney.

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