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What are the benefits of portable disinfection booth?

The world is not the same anymore. It has become a deadly virus-ridden world where no one can be safe. But, luckily we have got many preventive measures that you can take to keep yourself and your employees safe from the virus. Not just the Covid-19, these measures will safeguard you from any other kinds of virus or bacteria sticking onto your clothes and other surfaces.

One of the most effective ways of reducing infection is setting up a portable disinfectant booth/tunnel. Instead of just sanitizing your hands, it sanitizes a person as a whole. As a manufacturer of ultra-clean room systems, we will list some of the benefits of using them during the pandemic.

What is a disinfection booth?

The disinfection booth is one of the most helpful sanitization tools in these uncertain times. Essentially, a portable disinfection booth sprays the person passing with a spray. The spray contains chemicals that disinfect anything it touches. And possibly reduces the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Many countries all around the world have taken the initiative of setting up a disinfection booth for Covid-19 in public places. It has greatly helped them control the spread of the deadly contagion.

Benefits of the disinfection tunnels

Let us point out some of the primary reasons why companies and governments choose to use these booths.

1. Reduces the spread:

Covid-19 is undoubtedly spreading like wildfire. All you can do is work on reducing the possibilities of infection. A portable disinfection booth for Covid-19 significantly reduces the spread by using a disinfectant liquid.

Not just the contagion, it also helps you get rid of any latching bacteria/virus. So whoever passes through the tunnel is safe to enter the premises. It has become nearly impossible to avoid interactions with asymptotic patients. Hence, even healthy individuals should go through ultra-clean room systems to reduce the spread of any infections.

2. Disinfects accessories:

Yes! Viruses and bacteria can even transmit through the accessories you wear each day. So when you enter a public space, you are prone to microbes that attach themselves to your accessories.

The only way to disinfect these before entering a public space like an office? Yeah, you guessed it right if you were thinking disinfection booths. It acts as an advanced way of limiting the way in which the virus infection can happen.

3. Portable:

portable disinfection booth
portable disinfection tunnel for Covid-19

Portable disinfection booths make it extremely easy for you to set up. It reduces the time it takes to set up a solid sanitization booth. And, you might have to invest more in building one. On the other hand, portable booths reduce the time and effort it takes to set up.

So it increases the location options for you to place these booths. For example, you can use the same disinfection booth if you decide to change your office elsewhere. Hence, portability becomes one of the important aspects of a disinfection booth.

4. Simplicity:

It doesn’t require an expert to operate a disinfection booth for Covid-19. All you have to do is simply turn on the system. The ultra-safe booth automatically recognizes a person entering the chamber.

Then, it sprays them with the disinfectant solution covering the person entirely with it. And, thus lowering the risk of virus and bacteria exposure.

5. Effectiveness:

People come from different places, through different transportation modes to reach an office. So, it is highly likely that at least one of them brings an uninvited microbe with them. The only effective way to prevent those microbes is to set up automatic sanitation.

It is the only effective way to ensure that everyone who enters the premises is clean and safe. The sprayer is fully capable of delivering the solution on all the sides and surfaces of your clothes. Thus, resulting in a highly effective reduction of contagion transfer.

6. Cost-efficient solution:

Are you worried about the cost an effective portable disinfection booth incurs? Stop worrying. You can enhance the safety of your employees and save costs at the same time. Most sanitization booths are affordable even by small businesses.

You do not need to hire anyone special to install the booth. Thus, cutting down costs even more. It proves once again to be one of the smartest decisions to fight against the pandemic.

7. Technical specification

The ultra-clean room systems are one of the best tunnels for disinfection. Let us take a look at their features to correlate to the benefits listed above.

1. Automatic spraying of the disinfection liquid starts as soon as the person enters the booth. You do not need personnel watching over when it can automatically perform these operations.

2. There are six industrial-grade nozzles built into the system. It ensures spraying like mist and not like liquid. Furthermore, it reduces the quick consumption of the disinfectant solution. You only use the quantity which is safe for human exposure.

3. The portable disinfection booth has GI-lined walls. It prevents the formation of rust on the surface of the booth. At the end of the day, the booth is for sanitizing and not for free tetanus.

4. Strong and durable wheels to ensure the smooth mobility of the tunnel. You can practically install it anywhere you want to.

5. With the use of 200 litres storage can, you can disinfect 440 people before you run out of the solution. Hence, a highly time-saving solution.


There has been a drastic change in the way the world runs. And, we have a long way to go to prevent the virus from spreading. Preventive measures start with clean and sanitized people and surfaces. Buy a disinfection booth for Covid-19 and reduce the chances of it affecting your employees.

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