13 Best Script Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

Website fonts play a vital part in designing. This post covers the 13 best script fonts for logo and brand design web designers use for branding and logo designing.

13 Best Script Fonts For Branding and Logo Designing

1. Script Fonts

The Script Fonts are the cursive and artistic font designs used for creating digital content more in a way of calligraphy.

These fonts help in building the product-friendly content and give an attractive look to the brand name and logo. From art and literature websites to a formal firm, each has its demand for logo and branding.

Though there are more than thousands of such fonts, here is a list of some of the best script fonts that may be used for logo designing and branding;

2. The Honest Designers Script

The Honest Designers Script is a family of 6 font styles that have a varying range of multilingual calligraphic lettering. It is available in the maker tools like youtube channel art maker on a paid basis and has an extensive application in logo designing.

Designed by Ian Barnard, who is a lettering artist, the script is a broken cursive handwritten format that looks elegant when used for book designs and covers, posters, and magazines.

3. Southern Aire

Southern Aire is the retro calligraphic font that was introduced by Måns Grebäck. The font delivers a cursive brush-type look with properly finished details, which gives a nostalgic look from the 50s.

The font has a wide application in writing quotes and header texts. The font is free to use and can be imported into the logo maker tools to create an effective logo for a brand that has a vintage touch.

4. Milles

Designed by Fortunes Company, Milles is the signature slip text font that reflects a felt-tip texture and fluid lines pattern.

It appears like a cursive handwritten note by a marker on paper and can be used for designing logos for wedding planners, stationery, advertisements, gift cards, and packaging. The Logo Maker allows this font, and it is available for free.

5. Faustine

Faustine is a modern font with swashing effects and classy looks over a wide range of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numeric values.

It finds good use in the covers of romantic novels and in designing logos for champagne’s expensive drink. The letters are slim and streaked and have a soothing effect.

6. Northwell

The Northwell is a powerful Logo Maker font that contains a range of 6 best script fonts. The family reflects a variety of rustic and dapper font styles that cast a charming effect.

The font styles comprise of dry stroke and signature style setting of the letters that are pretty useful in branding and designing logos for any type of product. It was designed by Sam Parrett and published by Set Sail Studios in April 2018.

7. Ochre Script

The maker tools can be used for logos with another amazing font called Ochre Script. It is more of romantic calligraphy that can be used in places of slight to heavy romance brands. The font has a calm and adoring effect with slight brushes of smooth fountain-pen like a letter.

8. Madina Script

The Madina Script is a powerful yet beautiful style of font setting that was introduced in 2018 by Set Sails Studios. It reflects an elegant format having an energetic approach towards the audience.

The font setting can be used extensively for logo designing and branding, writing quotes, invitations, and packaging. It gives a typographic effect with bold loops and curves.

9. Edwardian Script

The Logo Maker allows the Edwardian Script for logo designing and branding. Edward Benguiat introduced it in 1994.

The script has brushes of a steel-point pen giving the flows of varying thickness to the letters. The font has extensive use in card designing and packaging and finds use in other brands.

10. The Seventies

The Seventies is a font family of 6 different styles that have a layered texture of bold cursive letters, see here. It was published by Lian Types and designed by Maximiliano Sproviero in September 2015.

It has a modern look and thus finds a wide application in book covers, magazines, advertisements, logos, and posters.

11. Black Diamond

Designed by Sam Parrette in June 2018, Black Diamond is a raw and edgy font style that reflects an attitude of perfection and chivalry.

It is approved by the Logo Maker and can be used in other maker tools too. It is a single font multilingual package and can be used for branding almost any type of product. Any logo designed with Black Diamond is catchy and bold.

12. Raphson Script

A Raphson Script is yet another multilingual font family with a far and wide use in various online maker tools and is also available in the Logo Maker for premium members.

It was presented by Max. Co-Studio and has a soft, edgy and vintage script format that is well suited for logos, invitations, textiles, letterheads, ligatures, news reports, articles, posters, and advertisements. It supports 472 glyphs and 196 characters and is a huge family of 6 varying font styles.

13. Greenlight Script

The Greenlight Script is a font style designed by Mulkan Nazir in 2019. This can be used as both lead and supporting font style for designing logos and branding, invitations, greeting cards, business magazines and newsletters, posters, advertisements, merchandise promotion, and ligatures. The font setting can be mixed with the other font styles to create catchy effects and efficient branding.


Logo Maker, the top online tool for designing logos and brand identities lists a wide range of best script fonts. Every firm tries to be recognized in the most genuine way possible and impact the audience. This is greatly achieved by designing unique logos and creating brand representing templates and posters.

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