Top 3 Warehouse Automation Trends in 2022

The COVID 19 pandemic is going to be looked back on as one of the events that shaped the 21st century. In addition to changing the way we look at live events, culture, and our health, it’s also changing the supply chain.

Companies need to find new ways to navigate the supply chain if they want to succeed in a post COVID world. One of the best ways to do this is to get into the world of automation.

This article will walk you through some Warehouse Automation Tends that you can implement to succeed.

1. Machines That Are Automated

The most obvious way that automation can be used in the warehouse industry? — automating the machines themselves. Machines already do the best jobs that humans find tedious, straining, and repetitive. So why not make them capable of learning, repeating, and growing within their jobs?

Robots are particularly good at doing backbreaking jobs like packing and storing. They’re more precise than humans in this regard. Take the humans who used to do this job and train them to make use of their intellectual capabilities that humans are better at.

2. Automated Vehicles

Delivery and transportation are an important part of the warehouse world. Are you aware that automation is more implemented to make vehicles more efficient and easy to use?

Drone delivery, automated forklifts, and drone truck deliveries are the way of the next century.

trends in warehouse automation
Automatic warehouse concept with 3d rendering robot arm with forklift truck and conveyor belt

Not needing to worry about navigating and getting the product around means that you’ll be able to focus more attention on creating and storing the best product possible; click here for autonomous vehicle solutions that range from small Roomba-style robots to drones.

This is a less obvious use for automation, but one that’s just as important and worthwhile. One of the biggest challenges to operating a smooth warehouse is getting around — there’s a lot of ground you have to cover.

Why not use robots to cover it?

3. Voice Automation

Imagine creating a smart warehouse, one that can get you what you need simply by asking for it. This is the world we’re beginning to live in.

Picture a world where you can ask your warehouse to get you a specific product and it tells you exactly how much of it you have in stock, finds it, sends out a robot to get it off the shelf, and another to take it right over to you.

There’s no need to say exactly why this would be amazing for the world of production.

Warehouse Automation Trends

As you can see, warehouse automation trends are the future of the manufacturing industry. If you want to get a lead on your customers, you’re going to need to get into the world of automation.

Follow the above tips to get that edge on your competition. Particularly, we recommend making use of autonomous vehicle solutions.

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