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Know About Holle Organic Baby Formula

New to parenting? Here are important things you should know about Holle organic baby formula. Today, many parents are searching for alternatives to cow’s milk. Cow milk, although delicious, is not the best option for all babies.

Finding natural milk is becoming increasingly difficult. In order to increase the growth, oftentimes cows are given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Then these toxins make it into the milk for your babies. The good news is that there are still many baby formula choices for those who do not love non-dairy milk, such as soy, almond, or coconut alternatives.

For example, goat’s milk has the same benefits as cow’s milk and in fact, there are lesser digestive problems for those who choose to consume goat’s milk over cow’s milk. One of the only ones producing goat-milk-based baby formula is the Holle Company.

Let’s review Holle products today by presenting you with Holle organic baby formula facts. How Holle formula is all-natural and of the highest quality

You can feed your baby with Holle formula right from birth. No genetically modified and is 100% natural. In other words, there are no chemicals, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives included in the product. No exceptions whatsoever!

baby organic forumula

The Holle formula is known to be of top quality in the world of baby formula in accordance with all EU Regulations. As well as 100% humanitarian rules and regulations, you can count on 100% organic ingredients.

Holle adheres strictly to the standards and has strict rules of supervision in place over both its farmers and their manufacturers. These standards help guarantee that the product is controlled by quality. Their reliable guidelines are impressive.

Breakdowns of major ingredients


A combination of glucose and galactose “Lactose” is considered to be a disaccharide. Lactose is considered to be the main carbohydrate in breast milk. As a result, lactose is often used as a sweetener in the formula.

Stage Pre

Stage Pre has recently been included in the Holle formula. While Stage Pre is sweeter lactose and a source of fat, it is processed with high-quality Demeter milk fat.


It is an ingredient mainly derived from plants and like lactose, is also used as a sweetener. The flavour varies from very sweet to not sweet. Maltodextrin has high solubility and is very digestible and easy on your baby’s stomach.

Palm Oil

Palm oil, which is found in some Holle products, is good for the baby as it is considered both an oleic acid and a palmitic acid. This means that the oil helps the formula to mimic breast milk. It’s the main fat source in the formula.

Prebiotics & Probiotics

Pre-and probiotics are healthy bacteria present in baby formulas. Research has shown that probiotics and prebiotics have not been detrimental to the well-being of the baby. In reality, both can help improve the immune system of the baby.


Starch is a complex carbohydrate. Studies have shown that starch is a significant source of energy. It’s safe for babies to feed and should actually be part of the baby’s diet.

However, Holle food for babies under 6 months of age does not contain starch as it helps to fill the stomach faster.

Holle tastes like mother’s milk

Holle organic baby formula is a sweet, creamy formula that appeals to infants. While breast milk is of course, irreplaceable, Holle is the next best option. You can be assured that the Holle formula is a top-quality product that follows only the strictest of procedures.

As a result, both you and your child will reap nutritional and lifestyle benefits. It is pesticide-free and organic farmers are obsessed with quality.

As parents, we want to give only the best to our babies and the best is available at Little Moo Organics. So get in touch with them today!

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