Do Advertisement Posters Still Work?

From the invention of the printing press in the 1400s to the perfection of the lithograph in 1796, posters have a rich history and a solid track record. But are they still relevant in today’s modern digital world?

Advertisement posters are more valuable to your marketing strategy than you might expect. They might seem like a relic from the old way of getting your brand noticed, but they can still make an impact on your target customers today.

We’re going to prove to you how using posters can increase your visibility and bring in new customers. Keep reading to learn all the ways that posters fit into your advertising strategy.

More Bang for Your Buck

Let’s start out with a huge plus: posters are a budget-friendly marketing tool. That means they’re perfect for small businesses looking to keep advertising costs low.

The one thing to keep in mind as far as costs go is you should be willing to pay for good quality printing. You want your image to look great and for your poster to be durable.


Posters can be a versatile medium to get your message to the masses. From printing in 6 sheet dimensions to more eye-catching custom sizes and shapes, you have a lot of options.

Customize your posters with the fonts, graphics, and colors that will appeal to your chosen demographic. You’d be surprised what you can come up with once you unleash your creativity.

Increase Visibility

Ever hear the old real estate saying “location, location, location”? You can apply it to your poster advertising strategy, too.

Depending on where you put your posters up, they can last in one area for a long time. Potential customers will be exposed to your branding day in and day out.

This triggers the Mere Exposure effect. Essentially, the more people see something, the more they like it, and the more likely they are to buy what you’re selling.

Nail Your Message

People who see posters on their way to work, at the bus stop, or inside a mall are a captive audience. They are actively looking at their surroundings instead of just swiping your ad away on their phones or walking away from the TV when it plays your commercial.

You have a chance to gain a new customer, but you have to nail your message to see results. Make sure your ad is eye-catching, easy to understand, and gives the viewer a clear call to action.

Use Advertisement Posters the Right Way

It’s plain to see those advertisement posters, although an old technique, still can be a competitive marketing tool in our digital world. The important thing to keep in mind is that they need to be effectively designed and put up in the right place.

Try out a few designs before settling on the one that you want to work with. Another great thing about posters is that they’re easy to distribute and can go up almost anywhere.

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