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Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in United Kingdom

Laser eye surgery has become a common eye procedure to correct visual impairment. If you are thinking about getting the procedure done, you have to consider several things, including the procedure’s cost. As you read on, you would know the average laser eye surgery cost in the UK and everything you should know before you undergo laser eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost in the UK

Laser eye surgery’s cost in the UK varies widely. You could get laser eye surgery in some clinics for as little as £595, while other clinics may charge as high as £2,600 for one eye. If the clinic uses the new Wavefront personalised eye mapping technology called iDesign or Intralase, the procedure’s cost will be higher.

LASIK laser eye surgery using iDesign costs between £1,495 – £3,250. Before you opt for a clinic, ensure you check what the advertised laser eye surgery cost involves. Most clinics advertise laser eye surgery for £595, but only a few persons with simple prescription can get the surgery at this cost.

In most cases, the lower prices for laser eye surgery is for the simple procedures like PRK and LASEK, so if you want to get the more advanced LASIK, you have to pay more.

Some UK clinics offer a fixed price irrespective of the prescription at £1,795 for an eye. This price covers both LASIK and LASEK with Wavefront. You will also find clinics offering a standard cost of £5,200 for PRK, LASEK, and LASIK. This cost covers both eyes, but with Wavefront technology, the standard cost is £6,200.

Some UK eye clinics have no set cost for laser eye surgery, and your prescription will determine your treatment cost. Low and straightforward prescriptions are usually cheaper than high prescriptions.

While checking the cost of laser eye surgery in clinics, also consider the consultation fees and deposits. You may want to opt for clinics offering refundable fees in certain circumstances. It would be best to ask about their refund policy if the treatment doesn’t go as planned.

Cost of Lens Exchange Surgery

Lens exchange surgery is another popular vision correction procedure, which involves replacing the natural eye lens with an artificial one.

Lens exchange surgery with monovision lenses cost about £1,995 – £3,250 for an eye, while multifocal lenses cost from £3,195 – £5,000.

The cost of the procedure will be higher if you need specialised monofocal or multifocal lenses. You may also pay more for a refractive lens exchange if you have complex refractive errors or astigmatism. Some clinics in the UK offer a fixed price of £3,245 for one eye.

Cost of Implantable Contact Lenses

The cost of Implantable contacts lenses varies between £3, 245 – £5, 000 for one eye. The price of implantable contact lenses usually depends on the type of lens used and the eye condition such as keratoconus or astigmatism.

How do I choose an eye hospital for my laser eye surgery?

You have several choices to get laser eye surgery. You may decide to opt for any big chain clinic, a small chain or independent clinic.

You would find that the large chain clinics usually offer lower prices, while the smaller chains and hospitals have a higher price. An important factor to consider before you opt for a clinic is their expertise, especially when you have risk factors like diabetes or a complex prescription.

It is important to discuss your condition and check if the clinic has successfully treated people with similar conditions. For example, check the statistics for the success rate of those with high long-sighted prescription if this is the same condition you have.

Some clinics do not offer certain laser treatments like surface laser eye surgery ReLex Smile, so it’s worth checking if the clinic you want to opt for offers the specific treatment you need.

Should I pay the full cost for laser eye surgery before the procedure?

Some clinics require patient to pay in full before their laser eye surgery, but you may want to research the clinic, especially if you have to pay for the surgery before your consultation. Think twice about any clinic that asks you to pay the full cost of your laser eye surgery before the consultation or procedure.

Should I pay before laser eye surgery?

You may need to deposit a specific amount before your surgery to secure a spot for the procedure in some clinics, but consider these things before making the deposit.

  • Do you feel confident that the clinic and procedure are suitable for you?
  • Are you sure the surgery is the right treatment for your condition, and the result will be satisfactory?
  • Is the treatment option and cost a clear one?
  • Are you comfortable with the setup of the clinic? For example, can you see the surgeon before your surgery?
  • Do you know the complications and risk of the surgery, and the probability of experiencing any?
  • Do you know what happens if you decide not to go through with the surgery?
  • Do you know the aftercare program of the clinic and its cost?

Am I supposed to have a cooling-off period after I book for my surgery?

The standard cooling-off period is one week after your first consultation and discussion about consent with your surgeon. The cooling-off period is only a recommended one, so you may have to ask for the cooling-off period provided by the clinic.

A provider is not obligated to give you a cooling-off period if you sign up for your laser eye surgery on the provider’s premises. However, most clinics offer a short cooling-off period which allows you a refund if you change your mind about the surgery.

Before you sign the contract, ensure you check the clinic’s terms and condition for details of the cooling-off period.

What to check for before signing your laser eye surgery contract

The main things to look out for in the provider’s terms and conditions include:

  • If you can get a refund if you change your mind about the surgery after consulting a surgeon
  • Payments and non-refundable deposits if you decide against going through with the procedure
  • Additional fees
  • If the clinic can change your laser eye surgery without allowing you to cancel or reschedule

What are my rights for cancellation?

Most people who have had laser eye surgery report that the provider did not explain their cancellation rights for laser eye surgery before the procedure.

If you sign up to get laser eye surgery and want to cancel, it may only be possible within the cooling-off period offered by the clinic. It’s important to check the terms and conditions before signing the contract for your laser eye surgery.

Should I see my surgeon before my laser eye surgery?

Yes, you should see your surgeon. Some clinics charge an extra cost for seeing the surgeon before the laser eye surgery. You may also have the option of consultation via Skype, so check the clinic’s policy.

Be cautious about clinics that give you a time-limited discount or pressure you into having your laser eye surgery procedure on the same day as the initial consultation.

What questions should you ask the surgeon?

Although laser eye surgery is a simple and straightforward procedure, you still need to consider the risks because it is a surgery, and like every other surgery, it has a few risks.

You should ask the surgeon performing the surgeon their qualification, experience in performing the procedure and result achieved so far. Consider the following.

  • The higher the number of people a surgeon has treated, the higher their success rate, so check the surgeon’s results.
  • The number of patients that have come back for further treatment to improve their vision Note that about one in every three persons still needs glasses for certain purposes like driving at night

Ensure you ask the surgeon about age-related presbyopia (the loss of elasticity in the lens) and the need to get reading glasses as you age. Laser eye surgery may not be able to correct this condition for most people.

If you are considering laser eye surgery for your visual impairment, you can check Laser eye surgery cost in Uk and schedule an appointment.

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