Benefits of Wet-Dry Industrial Vacuum

Keep Your Industry Stay Clean with Wet-Dry Vacuum

There is no shortage of modern cleaning appliances available in stores today. Most vendors that specialize in cleaning products will have a wide variety of useful appliances to choose from. Knowing the appropriate appliance for a specific mess, however, can be a bit more challenging. Like most projects, having the right tool makes all the difference in the world.

When it comes to cleaning industrial areas long overdue for attention, such as a storage shed or the project corner of a garage, wet-dry industrial vacuums will certainly come in handy.

Regular, household vacuums aren’t equipped to handle exceptionally large cleaning projects and, if used for such a purpose, can easily clog or break entirely. Let’s examine some advantages of a wet-dry vacuum.

Top Benefits of Wet-Dry Vacuum

  • Flexibility

Wet dry vacuums are used almost for any cleaning task. A  wet-dry vacuum is perfect for picking up debris of all sizes and cleaning up liquid spills at your factory or industrial location. No need to keep a regular vacuum and a traditional mop and bucket!

A wet-dry industrial vacuum can also be utilized to inflate air mattresses and to remove large objects from clogged pipes or drains. A powerful wet-dry vacuum cleaner can even help you clean out your fireplace or woodstove.

  • Good Suction Power

Wet and dry vacuums are more powerful than traditional home vacuums. This increased suction power is what allows wet and dry vacuums to be effective in both liquid and dusty conditions.

Wet dry vacuum cleaners are custom manufactured with fixed motors and a large collection tub (drum) for storage of wet and dry debris.

This storage area allows a wet-dry vacuum to retain their suction power even as they begin to fill up with debris.

  • Filtration

Many wet and dry vacuum filter dust particles are collected on the site. Every vacuum kicks up a certain amount of dust and, in excessive amounts, the dust particles you breathe in while cleaning can be detrimental.

With a wet-dry vacuum, however, the water collected inside the storage tank serves to effectively filter debris.

When disposing of accumulated dirt, the dust particles will be partially dissolved in the storage tank. This makes it much less likely that they are harmful to your health.

  • Make Cleaning a Breeze

Perhaps the most important benefit of wet-dry vacuums is their ability to make your cleaning efforts easier and more efficient.

Another benefit of wet and dry vacuums is that they don’t require bags. It eliminates getting rid of bags and can be used to clean dirt of all shapes and sizes.

Cleaning the filter after each use will, extend the lifetime of a wet-dry vacuum and ensure optimal effectiveness whenever you need it. Visit the Spillrite Vacuums Canada website to learn more about different types of industrial vacuums.

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