Are polarized sunglasses better than regular sunglasses?

How polarised sunglasses protect your eyes better than regular sunglasses

The blazing sun season is coming. It’s time for you to take out your stylish sunglasses back into action. Sunglasses are a very important accessory not just for elevating your fashionable look but for protecting your eyesWhat style of sunglasses do you have? Are they trendy enough even for this year to shine or do you need to update your collection of sunglasses?

Ready to burn a hole in your pocket. Keeping up with the trend is so pocket unfriendly. Fret not! There are much cheaper alternatives available. You can find online sunglasses in trendy tints and styles. 

What’s the fuss about polarised sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses are all a trend now. But a bit more costly than your regular sunglasses. Why waste a few extra pounds on some polarised glasses? Here is why you should opt for these glasses over regular glasses.

Polarised sunglasses block direct sunlight and harmful light to fall on your eyes. It only allows vertical lights or slanting lights to enter.

If you have seen the direct sunlight falling on the bonnet of cars. The lights are bounced off making the surface shine.

Direct sunlight is harmful to your eyes. Not only it is painful to look towards direct sunlight, but it also harms your eyesight over time. With long exposure to direct sunlight, you may face many eye health issues.

How regular glasses don’t give you much sun protection

Regular sunglasses are as effective as a screen of netted clothes. In short, not much effective. Regular glasses or cheap sunglasses do not block most of the direct sunlight or mostly the UV light present in the sunlight.

Polarised sunglasses block UV light and save your eyes from the harm of UV light which can be as worse as going blind.

Regular sunglasses can only protect you from the wind and dust but not from UV lights. If you still choose to wear regular sunglasses then avoid lighter tints as they are useless against the sun.

Many reasons why you should wear sunglasses

Mostly polarised sunglasses and mirrored sunglasses are not only effective against the sun but also protect your eyes from many eye diseases. 

  1. Snow blindness Staring snow with naked eyes in severe cold and dry weather can make you go blind. UV light is reflected off of the surface of snow which affects your eyes and can cause snow blindness. Because of the severity of the cold weather, your eyes suffer a greater deal. Snow blindness can also occur if UV light is reflected off the surface of a desert or water.
  2. Eye cancer – Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause you to develop eye cancer. UV light will damage your eye cells, damage your DNA, and can cause eye cancer.
  3. Clearer Vision – Your vision with regular sunglasses will not be as sharp as the vision you get while wearing polarised sunglasses. There will not be glares and halos around bright lights. 
  4. You can wear polarised glasses at night times. It will block glares from bright lights and facilitate viewing. However, it is not advisable to wear sunglasses during the night and drive as well. Sunglasses block most of the light. Even if the excess glare of street lights is blocked by your sunglasses, your vision is inhibited for objects that do not give off light. 
  5. Outdoor activities like hiking or biking will be smoother. Riding a bike, climbing mountains, and doing other outdoor activities will require you good quality sunglasses. Polarised sunglasses will block the glares, not hindering your vision.

It gets dangerous when you are hanging by a rope on a mountain and you have to cover your eyes to protect them from sunlight. Sudden flashes or glares might cause you to get distracted and your situation may turn fatal for worse.

Prescription for your polarised sunglasses

You can custom-made polarised sunglasses with your prescription. If you are an eyeglasses wearer, wearing plain sunglasses is useless as they block all your vision.

It becomes difficult for you to see, especially at night times. Adding a prescription to your sunglasses will help you in smoother vision. Polarised sunglasses will give you a glare-free vision and comfortable viewing even in harsh sunlight.

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