Mini Storage Units in Burnaby

The mini storage in Burnaby are small, self-storage units that are typically used to store personal or business items that are not needed on a daily basis. These storage units are often rented on a monthly basis. Mini storage units are a popular storage solution for those who need additional space but do not want to pay for a larger, more expensive storage unit.

The U-Pack Mobile Storage can be rented as a Secure storage locker on your doorstep. The company provides a safe locker to the client’s doorstep for storing their belongings.

It might be convenient option for those who doesn’t have access to the vehicle or do not want to move their belongings to the warehouse. The locker is usually made of durable materials and has a locking mechanism to ensure the safety of stored items.

Sizes of storage units in Burnaby:

  • Medium Locker 7×4.5×7
  • Large Locker 7x9x7

Another option is to transport goods from the customer’s location to the place of storage. This service can be especially useful for those who need to store larger items such as furniture or household appliances.

The customer places their belongings in a secure locker, and the storage company sends a transport truck to pick up the locker and safely transport the items to a climate-controlled warehouse.

About U-Pack Mobile Storage units

The provincial moving & storage service U-Pack are self-storage spaces that are rented to individuals or businesses for the purpose of storing personal or commercial items.

These units come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small closet-sized units to large rooms or even outdoor storage spaces.

storage units

Some storage units are climate-controlled, meaning they are kept at a consistent temperature and humidity level to protect items that are sensitive to environmental conditions.

Storage units can be rented on a monthly basis and are a popular solution for those who need extra space to store items that are not needed on a daily basis.

Common reasons for renting a storage unit include moving, downsizing, storing seasonal items such as holiday decorations or sports equipment, or storing business inventory or equipment.

Types of services:

  • RV Storage
  • Car Storage
  • Boat Storage
  • Secure Storage
  • Packing Supplies

When selecting a storage unit, it is necessary to consider the size of the unit needed, the location of the storage facility, and the level of security provided by the facility.

Storage in U-Pack Mobile Storage facilities offer 24/7 video surveillance, individual unit alarms, and gated access to ensure the safety and security of stored items.

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