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Interior Sliding Glass Doors For the Modern Home or Office

Interior sliding glass door hardware provides an amazing finish to your setup. Installing sliding glass doors furnishes your space with a stunning appearance. Sliding glass barn door track and hardware is excellent for a stylish look and gives that crystal clear look to your home or office.

Whether you are planning to install rounded sliding doors or simple glass doors, you can avail ready-made doors or get custom doors for your office. Generally, you need to give the door size to a manufacturer who will build the perfect door for your office space.

The best idea is to outsource the manufacturing of sliding glass door hardware to your existing retailer. They will even provide you with a discount for being a repeat customer. The side or bottom of the sliding door reveals the name of the manufacturer, such as KN Crowder.

On top of that, interior rounded sliding doors are often great for offices with multiple sections. You can install them in each section that will eventually complement the entire area. To give a stylish look to your home space, you can experiment with different types of sliding glass doors.

6 Different Types of Interior Sliding Glass Doors

There are various types of sliding doors that can give a wholesome look to your office or home. They are highly popular in modern and urban houses that want to give their space a contemporary look. Here are some types of sliding glass door hardware for your home or office –

1. Pocket sliding doors

These types of glass doors do not have any hinges. They are perfect for small spaces and offices that are compact in nature. When you slide the door open, it disappears into the wall. You can install pocket sliding doors made of wood or entirely of glass.

2. Bypass doors

You can install Bypass doors made of glass or wood. They have tracks at the bottom and open to the side when you slide them. As they are much bulkier and can confine the space behind them, people typically install them in the washroom or closet.

3. Patio sliding doors

One of the most exotic types of sliding glass barn door hardware comes in the form of patio sliding doors. They are mostly made of glass to provide a fantastic view of the patio. You can install them at the entrance of the deck, and they open from side to side. Patio doors are incredibly durable and are extremely easy to install.

4. Accordion sliding doors

They are not made of glass as accordion doors fold when they are opened. The doors fold to one side in the form of a compact structure with a single outline.

They are the cheapest option available for rounded sliding doors. They are easy to install and give a minimalist look to your space. If you want multiple sliding doors on a budget, accordion doors are the best option.

5. Barn doors

sliding barn door

The sliding glass barn door hardware is usually installed in rural areas. There is a top groove and a bottom track that supports the doors and helps in opening them. They are reliable and stylish, giving your modern house a vintage look. While barn doors are mostly made of wood, there are different shapes and colours you can opt for.

6. Rounded sliding doors

Mostly made of glass, rounded sliding doors are high-end doors that provide an ultra-stylish and sophisticated look to your house or office. Rounded doors are the best choice when you prefer the appearance of a revolving door but want limited access in the area.

Interior sliding glass door hardware can make your house or office look stunning. Anyone who visits your space will be astonished by the beauty sliding glass doors can add to your room.

Interior sliding glass door hardware gives a wholesome and stylish appearance to your office or house. Here are 6 different types of sliding doors to redesign your modern living or working space. Check out a wide range of sliding doors track and hardware at the KN Crowder website.

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