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5 Influencer Marketing for Real Estate Sector [Local Guide]

The 21st century is ruled by technology. We’re a part of a fast-moving and ever-evolving world. Every second new information is shared. Today, everyone has a platform for communication. Gone are the days when marketing was one-way communication. Nowadays businesses need to establish a dialogue.

Social media and social networking is nothing new for today’s generation. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made their way into the urban dictionary. Hardly anyone is oblivious to these platforms. They have created a virtual market led by consumers with real-time interaction. Earlier it was the customer who would look for a product or service.

Influencer Marketing for Real Estate Sectors

Today, businesses try to search and reach their audience. From a tiny key-chain to cars everything is sold and marketed online. Audiences prefer such communication more than the traditional ones as social media allows them to gain more insights about the product and services.

Influencer Marketing is one of the most popular tactics used on social media. It is a collaborative effort on the part of a business and popular social media influencers to promote sponsored content to reach the specific target audience. Influencer marketing can help various businesses and has a lot of potentials when it comes to reaching and credibility.

Beauty products, electronic devices, clothing and accessories, edible items are some of the popular examples for influencer marketing. How can the same tactic be used for something which is expensive and has a lot of value not only in terms of monetary sense but also in terms of emotions?, an Influencer Marketing Agency Says using influencer marketing for the real estate industry is an unexplored territory.

Real estate agencies have also seen a lot of changes. Technology has contributed in many ways. When it comes to real estate print and electronic communications work but that’s not the only way to promote real estates. Even in the real estates industry, you can promote your offerings through influencer marketing.

Today, word-of-mouth is no longer limited to meeting people it has gone beyond and has spread through virtual societies of social media. This is why Influencer Marketing can be useful for the Real Estate Industry.

1. Facebook is no longer a ‘Pass-Time’

Facebook initially was developed as a chat-room. Today that has gone beyond chatting. It has developed itself into personal accounts, pages, and business places as well. Chatting is no longer just between two friends it can be done between business and customers as well.

Through Facebook, a lot of people ask for suggestions and advice. They even put up questions to resolve their queries. Many times your business can be a part of such advice or become an answer for certain queries as well.

Besides, it is a tool to expand the database and reach new relevant audiences. Personal interactions, something as simple as a birthday wish can be your way of establishing a personal connection with that consumer. Do not underestimate Facebook and its potential to stay relevant in today’s times.

2. Combination of Influencers

On social media, influencers can be of three types: Mega-Influencers (Celebrities), Macro-Influencers (Well-known), and Micro-Influencers (Niche). Understands, not everyone would want to work with you. Also, there’s no need for you to collaborate with Mega-influencers by expanding your budget.

Instead, go for a combination of different influencers from these three categories according to the requirements of your business. Get cohesive influencers who’re sincere with their content and have high credibility.

If you’re a regional business, micro-influencers can work for you. They work for a niche that doesn’t mean they have a limited reach. Make sure to utilize the best of all influencers for the betterment of your brand.

3. Videos can Make it Work

Instead of going for the same old picture-caption combination try to be fun and creative with your communication. Videos can be an audio-visual treat for your audience. Engage them with a story and share it part-by-part. Make a teaser to get your audience excited.

Creatively showcase the offerings or just share your client’s reactions through an interview themed video post. This will help in creating a lasting impression to be on the top of the mind recall.

influncer marketing videos

Also if there’s a story to tell it will automatically engage audiences and they will wait for your interaction. Get as creative as possible. Add music or make an anthem, go into the real community and show a glimpse of your on-going project. Don’t be conservative and don’t be only a seller.

Be genuine when it comes to content. Authenticity and vulnerability will attract audiences and will give credibility.

4. Be Long-Term Relations

That’s a key to staying relevant. When you should focus on getting as many clients as possible and reaching new audiences along the way, it is essential to retain the old audiences.

Those who’ve been with you since the start. This is not just about clients but also regarding your influencers. Avoid short term relations. Have a long-term relationship with your influencers as well.

Even if the contractual period is over, be in touch with them. Make sure you retain your influencers. While you’re reaching a new target audience make sure to provide value to those older and loyal clients.

5. Instagram’s Calling You

The Instagram community is your calling today. That’s a platform that is popular for pictures and visuals. It has features like stories, posts, chats, and reels as well.

The community of Instagram is vast and has the potential for a wide reach. Today celebrities, NGOs, and even politicians are a part of Instagram. They have many brands promoting themselves. You will find all popular brands and all sorts of influencers on Instagram. It is unique and can boost your business in many ways.

You even connect it with Facebook to ensure the same content is shared through both mediums. Instagram can give you a distinct identity that will attract consumers towards you. It can allow you to do various experiments and you can use it to its full potential in many ways.

Final Words

In order, to use influencer marketing for Real Estates you need to get out of the bubble of being only on traditional mediums. Know that you will be starting conversations with influencer marketing and once it starts you cannot stop the dialogue.

Be natural and honest with how you interact with your audience. Don’t underestimate them rather treat them as smart partners. Gather insight from influencers especially on the creative interactions which will allow you to stand apart from your competitors.

Study competitors, know what will work and what won’t. Create a path beneficial for your business and have fun.

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