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How to Make a Reel on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the pillars of social media, with roughly a billion active users per month. Since its establishment, the backbone of this platform has been square grid photos.

TikTok caused a spike in popularity for vertical videos for endless scrolling entertainment. Instagram is leaning into the shift.

The dynamism of videos allows for a more expansive reach. Instagram reels often reach millions of likes and views for even the smallest accounts! Garner more viewers and followers by learning how to make a reel on Instagram.

Want to learn how to use Instagram reels and amplify your social media presence? Peruse this step-by-step guide and become a social media darling in no time!

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are video snippets you can use to showcase a glimpse of your life. Studies show that attention spans have shortened since the advent of the internet.

Instagram reels are short and sweet, making them addictive and easy to digest. This makes for more repetition, translating to more views and engagement.

Reels also act as an effective way to garner followers. Instagram is quite saturated with photos, both amateur and professional. Reels are more refreshing and provide a wider avenue for showcasing your talent and creative juices.

Here’s how to get started.

Conceptualize Your Reel Content

Shooting an Instagram reel takes a repertoire of skills and talent. For some people, turning on the camera and acting natural is enough.

However, if you want quality content, it’s best to storyboard before stepping in front of the camera. This is crucial for businesses looking to boost engagement with their followers. You can view it here for more on this topic.

Master Your Theme

Ask yourself, are you a foodie blog? Do you excel in fitness, fashion, makeup, or cosplay? Is history or documentation your forte?

While you shouldn’t restrict your content to one thing, sticking to a theme helps build an audience. It’s not about posting about a singular subject but more about mastering your aesthetic.

Draw Inspiration

Once you’ve established what content you want to upload, check out existing content and draw inspiration. Remember not to copy content to the T as respect to other creators. Instead, multiple Instagram reel ideas and create unique content of your own.

Find hashtags related to your content. Then, choose at least two reference points to supplement your ideas.

Create a Sequence

When you’ve decided on your content, write a short script on how you want it to go. Decide the order and arrangement of your Reel for smooth transitions.

Stage the Act

On the internet, you want to put out your authentic self. Thus, the word stage might seem a tad repulsive.

For staging, think of how in plays, actors have designated placements. Perform a trial run of your Reel before shooting to see how the camera captures you the best.

Open Instagram Reels

You have three options for hitting the record: (1) from your Instagram home screen, (2) the Instagram reel tab, and (c) the stories camera. Use reels to shoot your footage on the spot.

On the upper right of your home screen, you’ll see a plus sign, a heart icon, and the messaging icon. Tape the plus icon to reveal a drop-down menu of media posting options.

You’ll find Post, Story, Reel, and Live in that order for your options. Tap on Reel to lead you to the recording apparatus.

To access the Reels tab, open your Instagram app. The Reels tab is a conspicuous play icon on the bottom of your screen. Tap this to start recording.

You can also start recording a reel from the Stories camera by scrolling sideways on the available modes. You can find this between Create mode and Normal mode and on the bottom menu right beside “Story.”

Record the Reel

Are you in frame? Then, it’s lights, camera, action! You’re in the recording part of how to make a reel on Instagram.

Instagram gives you three options for video recording. Record internal footage using reels in a singular stream. You may also record a series of clips to stitch together in processing.

For internal recording, tap and hold the recording button in the middle of the screen. Film hands-free with Instagram’s timer and countdown feature. Select the downward-pointing arrow in the circle on the left column of your screen and choose your countdown.

Upload external videos from your camera roll by selecting the plus icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.


Check out your video and see if there’s room for improvement. At this point, you can add some spice to your video. The internet is forever, so try to put out quality content!

You can select music to accompany your video or retain your original audio. Head to the Instagram music library and search for the perfect song to add. If you choose to keep your original audio, Instagram attributes this to you.

If your account is public, other users have access to your audio and have the ability to create reels featuring your tagged audio! Adjust the speed of your video, add effects, and stitch together clips!

Add stickers or draw on your video. Coat the footage in a filter to fit the mood and adjust the hues to your aesthetic.

Instagram boasts a vast gallery of AR effects made by users! You’re bound to find something that fits.

Caption Your Reel

Hit next on the bottom right of the screen and type a witty caption or add useful hashtags. Try adding a question for your followers to increase engagement! You also have the option to tag users and creators for collaborations and add locations on this menu.

Upload Your Reel

On the same screen, select if you want to release your Instagram reel to your Feed and Facebook. Then, crop your thumbnail to fit the square grid format of Instagram.

Finally, tap share. Congratulations, you’ve posted an Instagram Reel! Hopefully, the first of many to come.

How to Make a Reel on Instagram and Go Viral

Learning how to make a reel on Instagram is a staple in emphasizing your social media presence. Begin with the basics of content making so it fits your theme, and hit record! Flex your creative muscles both in photo and video.

Thank you for reading our article! Check out our other blog posts for helpful tips on social media marketing. Stay ahead of the game and on top of trends!

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