Features in the Most Trending Thumbnails on Youtube

Inserting well-designed and creative video thumbnails is an efficient technique you implement to draw interest in your videos. The thumbnail cover one adds in their YouTube video is the foremost detail viewers notice while browsing content on the platform or surfing through Google. By utilizing innovative and expressive thumbnail templates, you’ll increase the probability of garnering higher clicks and views for your channel.

What are thumbnails on YouTube?

In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most appreciated ideas and features incorporated in thumbnails for YouTube videos. These pointers will grant you insight into how to design striking thumbnail covers for different types of videos.

1. Add title text to provide context

There are several benefits of adding title text to your thumbnail cover. Yet, the most crucial advantage of including title text in your thumbnail for YouTube videos is that you are enticing the audience and granting them a peek into what the context of a video is, which might interest them and compel them to click on it.

Even though the attached image holds great significance, it doesn’t suffice in explaining the precise motive behind the video. Hence, including title text that is related to the video and grants context is very helpful.

2. Apply an appealing font style

Once you’ve successfully passed the title stage, you can proceed to select the font style. It is vital to educate your viewers about your brand presence and create buzz around your content.

A unique way to keep the viewers engaged and retain their attention is by designing thumbnails constant with a similar font style.

Additionally, try using unforgettable colours and a striking design. Avoid using a general font, add something distinctive and appealing.

3. Well contrast with an intense backdrop

We have made it clear that adding a title is crucial but there’s no benefit from it if you can’t even read it without having to focus too hard.

While selecting the colors for your thumbnail always try to strike a balance between the font and the background.

There should be a well-balanced contrast between the two. You should always pick pleasing colors rather than loud, disturbing color palettes and graphics.

4. Insert an appropriate image

A relatable picture serves as a guide to your video and grants the viewers a chance to relate to your brand. Say you wish to upload a tutorial about your technical equipment, it’s crucial to attach the associated visuals.

YouTube Thumbnail Templates
Image Credit: PosterMyWall

Moreover, you can design a branded YouTube Thumbnail template to manifest your business and create a unique identity on the platform. You can also add logo design for branding.

5. Add your photo

A thumbnail should contain a photo of the channel owner to form a stronger bond with the audience. If the creator’s eyes are visible on the screen, it can reach out a more personal level to your viewers.

6. Consistency

Consistency is a vital factor while creating a thumbnail. It helps the viewers to decode the idea behind your videos. There should be consistency in the thumbnail template including factors like layouts, font style, color combinations, and other related criteria.

After incorporating your brand you can maintain consistency in the cover thumbnails. In case you are developing a sequence of content thumbnails, implementing the same layout in all the videos is a good technique to ease the watching process for the viewers.

7. Form a layout with consideration of small screens

The digital platform is more steadily constituted in small devices. The majority of the content-consuming population relies on a mobile phone and hence higher probability is that the best part of engagement your thumbnail shall obtain through it. Regardless of which section the response belongs yet higher views will be derived from mobile phones.

8. Comfortable interface for varied devices

The majority of humankind is stuck on technological devices like mobile devices, laptops, desktops, television, and tablets. Hence, taking that into consideration, an ideal thumbnail is one that can readily optimize on all these devices. Basically, a viewer-friendly interface and layout can be regarded as the most constructive.

9. Utilize proficient thumbnail designers

If you wish to design an engaging and consistent thumbnail cover and have very specific requirements relating to the same then you should probably associate with some efficient design studio like Designhill that makes it attainable for you.

There are several online thumbnail templates and graphic designers prevailing that might assist you in this process and have a more professional and skilled approach toward it.


The thumbnail option on YouTube is always a trending strategy to attract more visitors to your channel. It has a significant role in restructuring your channel with creative designs, relatable context, and methods.

Well-designed YouTube thumbnails tend to hold the viewers in, whereas an appealing video intro will maintain your visitors’ watching and ensure that it stands out.

Through the course of this article, we have reiterated the huge impact that thumbnail covers have on the overall performance analytics of a video. Hence, putting in some extra efforts and adding an element of individuality and creativity might go a long way for the success of your YouTube channel.

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