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How to Build Instagram Content Plans: A Guide for Small Businesses

Recent research found 17.6% of the global population use Instagram. This remarkable figure highlights the opportunities that await companies who can master advertising on this popular social media platform.

But, how can you build Instagram content plans that deliver the best results? In a crowded marketplace, it’s essential to be prepared so your brand can stand out from the crowd and attract a new audience. The good news is you can implement several tried and tested techniques to set your business up for Instagram success.

instagram content plans

Let’s dive in and learn more about creating content plans for Instagram.

Decide On Your Goals

Before you begin marketing with Instagram, it’s vital to set clear goals. For example, are you trying to raise brand awareness or drive traffic to your website? Perhaps you’re hoping to build your email list or to make direct sales. Whatever your target, each post should be laser-focused on achieving that specific aim.

Create a Content Calendar

Advertising on Instagram isn’t about creating one or two posts and expecting them to gain a huge amount of attention. Competition on the platform is fierce, and you should produce regular Instagram posts to catch the eye of your target audience. But, marketing businesses online can be challenging when you’re already running a busy company.

That’s why it’s crucial to plan your content calendar weeks in advance. You can design posts for each day, and use scheduling software to send out your content at specified dates and times. This ensures you won’t forget to provide your followers with great content when they’re expecting to see your posts.

Learn to Use Hashtags

When you’ve gone to the effort of putting content on Instagram, you’ll want to make sure people can find it. Hashtags categorize content and make it easier for consumers to discover posts that could match their interests. You can also buy real likes which can give your posts more authority, potentially making it more likely that people will share your content with others.instagram hashtag

Analyze and Adapt

Trends in social media marketing move quickly, and it’s good practice to analyze the data from your posts to ensure you are getting the required results.

If you notice some types of content aren’t performing as expected, you can stop creating these kinds of posts. You can then put more time and energy into designing content that is providing fantastic results.

Build Instagram Content Plans to Expand Your Business

When you know how to build Instagram content plans, you can give your business an edge over the competition. Having a content calendar is crucial, and making your posts more discoverable can massively grow your audience. It’s also important to regularly review your results and make changes to your strategy when necessary.

You could soon be running highly-effective Instagram marketing campaigns! If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, be sure to check out more great articles in our Business section before you go.

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