How To Address a Wedding Card

In the U.S, the average size of weddings was 105 guests in 2021, which shows that we have a pile of invites to send out.

Learning to properly address your guests is essential for being respectful and showing that you take pride in your big day. But with so many rules surrounding etiquette, it’s difficult to know what you can and can’t write. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re new to the world of wedding invites and are looking for advice.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to address a wedding card.

Addressing a Single Person

With addressing a wedding card or wedding name place cards, it’s easier to start with the single guests on your list. The key is using the person’s preferred title and if you don’t know it, leave it out. So, for example, you’d have “Mr. John Smith” on the outer envelope and “Mr. Smith” on the inner one.

Addressing a Married Couple

When you send out a wedding card to a married couple,  you must use the couple’s formal title and name on the outer envelope. Then, remove the first name on the inner envelope. Easy!

Addressing a Family

How you address a wedding card to a family will depend on the age of the kids, if the couple has any. For instance, if the children are under 18, you’d list the parents’ formal titles and names, followed by the kids’ names with the oldest first. Again, this is for the outer envelope.

how to address a wedding card envelope

Another example of wedding card etiquette is how you address children who are over 18. This means you must send out individual invitations, even if they still live with their parents. Note, if you’re addressing two women or men, use a group title like “Misses” on the inner envelope.

Addressing an Unmarried Couple Living in the Same Household

As a general rule, the woman’s name appears first, which is either “Miss” or “Ms.”. On the outer envelope, refer to both if they live in the same household. Then, refer to each guest with their title and last name on the inner envelope.

And if the couple lives separately, send individual invites to their respective homes.

Addressing a Friend With a Known Guest

Our wedding card guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this type of guest. Make sure your friend’s name is first, regardless of their gender, and add their plus-one on the line below. On the inner envelope, remove the first names.

But if you don’t know their plus-one, only write the invitee’s name on the outer envelope and write “guest” on the inner.

How to Address a Wedding Card

Hopefully, you now know how to address a wedding card.

When sending out invites, there are simple rules to follow, such as learning each guest’s formal titles and how to address them to the outer or inner envelope. You should also always address women first and send individual invites to children over 18. Good luck!

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