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A Helpful Guide to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

perfect wedding venue

One of the most important things out of these is the selection of the perfect wedding venue for you, when you are getting married, there are many things running through your head. While some couples prepare a to-do list for the wedding, some keep the tasks circulating in their head.

The whole wedding depends on the selection and availability of the venue as per your potential wedding dates. If your desired venue is not available, then you will either have to compromise on the location or delay the wedding.

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Venue for Big Day?

From selecting dresses, cakes, photographers, and food, everything is dictated by the wedding venue. There is no use in working on the rest of the list items unless you have your venue finalized.

To help you in such a critical situation, here are some guidelines that will help in choosing the perfect wedding venue for you.

You can also hire a wedding planner to help you out. Here are some wedding venue options along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Book Hotel for a Wedding Venue

Some people like following the tradition of hosting a wedding at any of the local hotels. The guests attend the wedding at the church and leave for the reception dinner at the local hotel. That is all the preparation they need.

Some people like to get adventurous even if they are picking a hotel for the reception. The main advantages of having a hotel wedding are that you can avail of package deals that help in your wedding budget, you can also take the help of the in-house wedding coordinator that is available in hotels.

Moreover, hotels have a reputation and it is an easier and safer option for you to host a great reception. Hotel staff also accommodates you on spot with the additional food and seats.

However, the disadvantages include less flexibility as the hotels have a restricted choice of food and drinks. Moreover, hotels are mostly bland so you will have to pay extra to make the venue more modern and personalized.

Exclusive Wedding Venues

The exclusive wedding venues almost have the same advantages as the hotel weddings, but they are better in some ways.

For example, an exclusive wedding venue provides privacy as you and the group of guests are the only people at the venue, private venue has an amazing ambiance and décor that adds an extra wow factor.

Unfortunately, these venues can be costly. The wedding venue owners also have certain restrictions that must be followed.

Getting Married at Home or in a Marquee

If you want maximum rationalization at your wedding then the best option is to go for a marquee or arrange the wedding at your own home.

That way, you do not have any restrictions to follow. If you have enough space at your home to host an event and enough energy to handle the guest list, then a marquee or your home is the best option.

However, this wedding can be very challenging for the person who is in charge of all the necessary tasks.

You’ll need the help of a professional that comes with resources and links to arrange everything. The main advantage of having a wedding at your home or a marquee is that you are in control of everything.

You do not have to worry about the hall timings as well. But there are a couple of disadvantages to arranging such weddings.

For instance, you’ll need a waterproof marquee in case of rainy weather that can add extra cost. Your space also gets invaded by multiple suppliers that will be setting up the whole venue for the wedding day.

Wedding Planners Make Things Stress-Free

Weddings are stressful, there’s no denying that. And when it arrives on the Big Day of your long waited life, you don’t want to be stressed and to make things worse. You won’t be able to manage your wedding properly if you’re stressed.

The story is different when it comes to planners. Wedding vendors want to please planners as they plan weddings frequently and can bring them more business.

Your requests will be entertained and you’ll probably get special discounts. Many vendors have business connections with planners and will fight to make your wedding the best.

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