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Construction project management

Steps which are involved construction project management

We all, in our life, have at least once experienced the process of construction project management in our lives. Almost every people once in their life experience this and ensure that the construction that we are constructing should be perfect to ensure the safety of the family members who will live inside the house after construction.

Most of the people while construction is concerned about the safety of the house so that in the times of natural calamities like earthquake, floods, cyclone, etc the house and the people living inside the house should be safe and secure.

Let us go through the construction project management deeply and we will go through every step involved in construction project management.

In this stage, the client shares his or her ideas with the responsible person in the construction company. The client should be clear in his or her thoughts and should convey the message properly to the construction company member.

It is often the responsibility of the construction company manager to fulfill the expectations of the client.

Even the construction project manager should convey the extent of expectations of the client that can be fulfilled by him or her to neglect the disputes in the future.

  • Preconstruction

In this stage, the construction project manager assigns the work to every people working in the construction company. In this test, field testing is also done.

In this, the strength of the field is tested by the experts so that the construction company can get the idea of how to construct on the surface so that the construction would stand strong for many years.

Hence, the type of soil of the ground on the construction site is tested by the engineers in the construction company.

  • Tools and materials

After the work is assigned to every member of the construction company then the construction company arranges the materials and the construction equipment required for the construction.

Generally, the construction company arranges the materials and the equipment required for the construction depending upon the budget of their client and the type of construction they expect.

  • Execution

Now after the construction company arranges the materials and construction equipment, they start the process of construction.

It is expected that the manager of the construction project management constructs the building or the house by following the rules and regulations given by the government.

The manager has to constantly keep his or her eye on the construction process so that the construction is done according to the planning and the expectations of the client.

  • Installing of basic facilities in the house constructed

The construction project management has to take care that during construction they keep in mind to insert the basic facilities inside the hose like water supply and electric supply.

Furthermore, the construction is done in such a way that drainage, electricity, and water supply system is inserted in the newly constructed house.

This is the most important part of construction project management because in this the manager has to plan about the basic facilities inside the house which are very important for living peacefully.

  • Installing the necessary electronic equipment

After the construction, the then the construction company generally inserts the necessary electronic equipment like a fan, air conditioner, refrigerator, fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide controllers inside the room, and air purifiers.

Even this equipment is bought by the construction project management depending upon the budget of the client.

If the budget of the client is low then the manager may compromise in the quality of the electronic equipment. Similarly, the necessary furniture in the house is inserted in this stage, depending upon the budget of the client.

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  • Project completion

After completing the whole work, the manager ensures that the complete construction that has been constructed is done according to the expectations of the clients. During this, the clients visit the construction site and just verifies the construction that is up to date or not. If the client finds any flaws in the construction then he or she asks the manager to correct them.

Once the client’s satisfied with the construction then the manager keeps the construction project closing documents ready and the project is closed.


This is how the process of construction project management is done.


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