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PropertyPulse: Redefining Real Estate Mobility

“Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth.” – Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President

Buying and selling of properties are the most expensive transactions you make. Despite a single transfer or paying in installments, it often involves savings of most people’s life. Therefore it is recommended to get authentic information to close the best deals.

PropertyPulse: Redefining Real Estate Mobility

Real estate mobile applications are a better option to provide you with reliable market insights. However, before downloading an app, it is also essential to know if the app is authentic and complies with your needs or not.

Furthermore, there is an ideal user-friendly digital tender platform like that provides excellent fair bidding opportunities for vendors with safe and secure management.

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Mobile Applications for Real Estate Industry

There is a number of app categories to consider. Therefore, we have compiled the top 9 real estate apps to suit the universal needs of buying, selling and investment personals. Let’s have a look!

1. Zillow

For a good reason, Zillow is the foremost real estate app. It was a pioneer app in online home value estimations. Zillow tells users past sale prices, current estimated worth and much more for almost every property located in the U.S.

Homeowners can create an account on Zillow to track down an estimated value over time along with changing market insights. Moreover, buyers can get the app as it lets them know property prices filtering by multiple search options, including location, size and region.

2. Bigger Pockets

BiggerPockets is more a knowledgeable forum than just being a real estate app. It offers a variety of resources to the users, including podcasts, blog posts, guides, ebooks and media. The app serves as a gateway to enter the universe of real estate available across the worldwide web.

Users can get every possible information regarding buying a property that will increase its worth in future. Also, it helps users with ideas on how to get the best potential returns by working smartly on the property. BiggerPockets is the best available source for those who want to take the real estate game to the next level.

3. Homesnap

Homesnap is alike useful for real estate agents, buyers, and investors. Along with general Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) powered search features, it provides media sharing features and messaging facility to make buying and selling much more accessible even at construction sites.

The app gives its users access to updated listings with real-time Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) as quickly as possible. Moreover, in highly competitive markets, it adds speed to check for a winning bid and prevents buyers from missing out on a property.

4. Xome Auctions

Xome is for those who love the action of property auction. It offers users selective search just like other apps. However, it additionally enables users to participate in property auctions. Some are via Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) while others are specific to Xome subscriptions.

For investors, it offers “The Homes Only” deals in which the app gives options to catch deals for a short sale, foreclosed and bank-owned standard home listings. By this, investors can pick a property prior to it hits the general market at a lower price, which ultimately leads to high profits on selling. Hence, the app is what investing is all about.

5. Redfin

Redfin is excellent when it comes to posting an estimated property value. It is even more accurate than Zillow’s algorithms. Also, if someone is on active property search, it provides them with upcoming open properties to be sold.

Redfin is both a brokerage agency and facilitating app. It gives an idea of what users can expect while searching for a property in a particular area. You can also take professional dissertation proposal help in case you are in doubt regarding this app.

6. Trulia

Trulia started business as an independent firm; however, it is now owned by Zillow. While Zillow is best to track property values and works with the general ownership lifecycle of properties, Trulia is a better option for an active search, mostly homes.

The app is focused on just one goal that is buying and selling homes. It has some unique yet great features that enable users to search home by its architectural features like wall panels, hardwood floors, concrete ceilings, floor coatings etc. By this; users can have a home that is specific to their needs.

7. Realtor

Realtor is the official portal of the National Association of Realtors. The most productive advantage of using this app is that it provides data feeds that are used by many real estate websites.

Due to its particular relation with other Multiple Listing Systems (MLS), it is often updated faster than other apps and has a broader range of property listings. Additionally, the app makes it easy for users to connect with their local estate agents as well.

8. Apartments.Com

Thanks to its most significant inventory of rentals, is the favourite place for investors. It utilizes incredible imagery of the property to preset perspectives, tenants, the buyers. They can be applied directly via the app.

The company was founded in 1992 and owned in 2014 by CoStar Group. Their researchers are the finest in commercial real estate across the United States. They acquire and provide them with a dedicated research team with attractive listings and professional videography for elaboration. has more than half a billion photography downloads and 25000 Google Play reviews. Also, it has a rating of 4.5 stars on the website and is categorized as the 24th best app in the lifestyle category on the Apple Store.

9. LoopNet

Lastly, there is something in the lamp for entrepreneurs. LoopNet is an excellent option for entrepreneurs as it only lists commercial properties. The app saves investors time and hassle as it prevents them from wasting time sorting out lists and filtering as per their needs. It provides filtered properties for rentals and sale at just a single click.

The company was founded in 1995 by another firm owed by CoStar Group of investors, Headquarter located in Washington D.C. The app is an ideal informative marketplace for entrepreneurs and fosters good investment returns.

LoopNet is designed explicitly for commercial property dealings, and it doesn’t help users to search for an active home or apartment for buying, selling and rentals. It provides users with the opportunity to have a broader exposure to the search occupant community of investors. This app is a real big game.


“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.” – Marshall Field, Entrepreneur

As there are a plethora of real estate applications at the play store, however, no one is sure of which one is authentic and which one is bogus.

If you are seeking for real estate mobile application or a company that gives ideal property management apps to manage commercial/residential condominiums, you always emphasize quality.

Therefore, I analyzed many of them based upon their reviews, authenticity, features and the type of real estate needs best suited for. After that, I get the top 9 apps to help you out with perks and tools with their search options above.

I hope the above post is helpful for readers. Good luck with your bucks!

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