Best Dry Erase Markers for Artists Using a Glass Whiteboard

Whiteboards are beneficial tools in the classroom, but did you know that they also make great canvases for artists? Many creative people are turning to glass white boards to draw their latest masterpieces. However, there are tons of options for dry erase markers when it comes to drawing on whiteboards. So how are you supposed to know which are the best dry erase markers for glass whiteboards?

Are you interested in learning how to draw and create art on a glass whiteboard? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing the best dry erase pens for this type of whiteboard.

EXPO Neon Window Dry Erase Markers

EXPO is one of the leading brands in dry-erase markers, and their new line of neon window markers is something worth checking out if you are looking into getting a glass whiteboard.

The basic pack of dry-erase window markers contains five neon hues that work on a wide variety of surfaces. These markers are low-odor and designed with durable bullet tips that produce clear, bold lines.

U Brands Glass Dry Erase Markers

The U Brands bullet-tip glass dry-erase markers glide easily across glass surfaces and make concise, opaque marks.

They come in a variety of bright, creamy colors that last longer than traditional dry-erase markers, and there are built-in erasers for ease of use.

Additionally, these markers were designed to be flatly contoured so that they won’t roll off any surfaces. They’re also non-toxic and don’t produce any excess odor when uncapped.

Arteza Glass Board Dry Erase Markers

Arteza sells a 10-pack of neon dry erase markers that write smoothly and clearly on glass and other nonporous surfaces.


These markers are non-toxic and low odor, which means that they are safe to use anywhere and everywhere.

What’s more, this pack of dry erase markers includes extra tips and tweezers so that you can easily replace worn-down tips.


Do you prefer liquid chalk? Writey sells colorful glass dry erase markers in a range of bold colors that mark clearly and vividly on multiple surfaces.

The glass Writey markers are filled with bright liquid chalk that is non-toxic, odorless, and completely dust-free. Plus, liquid chalk comes off with a quick wipe of a wet or dry cloth.

When it comes to creating art on whiteboards, liquid chalk is a good way to produce unique-looking masterpieces that can be wiped away.

Learn more about markers and glass boards at the link!

Create With the Best Dry Erase Markers

When it comes to creating art on glass whiteboards, the options are truly endless. Now that you’re aware of the best dry erase markers for whiteboards, you can enhance your creativity and unleash your potential as a dry erase artist. Scribble away!

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