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8 Military Memorabilia and Gift Ideas for Your Service Member

Did you know that there were close to 19 million veterans of the United States military in the year 2021? One of the best ways to show your favorite veteran that you appreciate them and their service to their country is by getting them military memorabilia. These military gifts help celebrate their accomplishments and their sacrifice during their time in the service.

There are many great options that you should consider when it comes to military souvenirs. Things like military medals and military coins can reflect certain achievements or different units that your loved one served in.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right military gifts for your loved one then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading this article to learn about eight great military gifts that you should consider getting for your loved one today!

1. Custom Wooden Pieces

One of the neatest options on the market in 2022 when it comes to military memorabilia is custom wooden pieces. These wooden pieces are perfect for interior decorations throughout your home, and they’re customizable. Look into getting them customized with the branch of service, their name, and the years in which they served.

You can also look at getting different shapes and stains for the wood if you want to get an appearance that is unique to your favorite veteran. These military souvenirs are perfect for a front porch, an office, or the living room.

2. Bar Set

Another great option if your favorite veteran loves their alcohol is to get them a custom bar set. This could come in the form of beer steins or whiskey decanters. These bar sets are perfect for displaying in your home and showing off the military service of your loved one.

You can also combine this with some wall art of their home features a bar in the basement. It will set the tone for the aesthetic of their bar area and make them feel special.

3. Engraved Watch

You also can’t go wrong with a piece of military memorabilia like an engraved watch. Your time in the service likely led to regulations over the types of watches that you could wear. Once you retire, that goes out the window and you can wear whatever watch you want.

What better route to go than by wearing an engraved watch on your wrist everywhere you go. Look at getting the watch engraved with your loved one’s name, rank, unit, and branch of service to make them feel appreciated. You can also go with a pocket watch if you want to capture that classic feeling that comes with military antiques.

If you’re not set on a watch, look into getting them an engraved compass. This is a great choice for a friend or loved one that served in the United States Navy.

4. Flag and Medal Display

The classic military memorabilia is the flag and medal display because you can display it anywhere in the home. You can place a variety of things in the display case, like their military uniform and patches from their military units. This is also your chance to post the medals that they earned during their time in the service.

Look into getting a display case that uses high-quality wood if you want to create a classy appearance. Some of these cases also include a triangular compartment that is designed to hold a folded United States flag so your veteran can show off their patriotism.

5. Coin Display Case or Rack

Military coins are another big deal when it comes to military service for a number of reasons. Military coins are designed with the intention of getting displayed. These military coins could represent time served with different units or campaigns that your favorite veteran participated in during their time in the service.

There is no better way to show these important coins off than by getting a wood and glass case to place them in. You can show them off to all of your guests without any risk of them getting lost or damaged.

A wall rack is another great option that you can choose for showing off military coins in your home. Don’t be afraid to add some personal touches to your coin display rack or case for your friend or loved one.

6. Military Chess Set

Nothing says class and intelligence like a chess set. One of the best military gifts that you can give to your favorite veteran is military-themed chess set for them to display and use. If you know that they love chess then you know that they’ll never forget these classic military gifts.

military chess set
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It is perfect for their home because it is both a functional gift and a piece of decor that will add some spice to any room.

7. Golf Gifts

If your veteran has traded military bunkers for sand bunkers then there are many great military gifts that you can give them that will come in handy on the golf course. Look at getting them customized golf balls and tees that will allow them to show off their military service with pride each time that they hit the links.

8. Memory Books

This gift is more sentimental than military souvenirs and military antiques, but it is important nonetheless. A memory book is a great way of chronicling all of the best things that have happened over the course of their military career.

You should look into creating a scrapbook with great pictures and stories from their time in the service. It is the perfect way for them to go back and reflect on the best aspects of their military service with friends and loved ones.

Consider These Great Military Memorabilia Options

If a friend or family member is retiring from the military then it is only right that you consider getting them some military memorabilia to remember their time in the service by. Things like displays for military medals are a great way to help them show off their accomplishments and valor. You also can’t go wrong with memory books and military coins.

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