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Commercial Buildings: 4 of the Most Common Roof Problems

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Based on the kind of commercial roofing you install, you may expect your investment to last between 10 to 50 years. Most homeowners interpret this as an indication to sit back and relax until the timer runs out—but not so fast!

It’s important to note that the average lifespan listed in your roofing literature can vary greatly depending on various factors. The care and maintenance of the roof, the installation and design quality, use and abuse, and even the weather play a significant role.

Although you can’t control these variables, keeping an eye out for minor roof problems can assist you in addressing them before they become costly repairs.

Keep reading to learn about roof issues common in commercial buildings.

1. Shrinkage

Roofs with synthetic rubber membranes are highly prone to shrinkage. A common sign of roof shrinkage is an irregular roofline.

Several things can make your commercial roof shrink. One of them is the exposure to extreme UV rays on your roof membrane. Excess UV rays weaken the roof membrane with time.

Other causes include wrong installation, lack of maintenance, and wrong roof design. A high-quality roof membrane prevents roof shrinkage.

Don’t wait for the roof problems to deteriorate. Hire a professional roofing contractor immediately if you notice this issue.

2. Leaks

Leaky roofs become a big issue during rainy seasons. Many things cause roof leaks.

Cracked flashing systems and chimneys cause roof leaks. Damaged roof tiles, membrane, shingles, age, and poor roof valley sealing are other causes of roof leaks. Ignoring roof leaks will have severe impacts in the end.

Roof leaks cause mold and mildew growth, posing health risks. The problem can also cause water pooling in your workplace.

Leaky roofs will also damage your ceiling, wall paint, and plaster, declining your property’s value. Getting your leaky roofs replaced is the best solution you should consider.

3. Wrong Installation

Wrong installation will subject your commercial roof to many other problems. The problem will decline your roof’s lifespan.

Poor roof installation exposes the entire building to damage. The roof can also crumble at any time and cause injuries. A shoddily installed roof will make you spend more cash on future repairs or replacements.

It would help if you did extensive research to learn more about the best roofing company to fix such a problem.

4. Attic Problems

A major attic issue to check out is poor attic ventilation. Poor attic ventilation causes poor indoor temperature regulation. The problem results in energy inefficiency and high bills.

Drafts are other attic problems that can add up to your utility bills. The problems cause condensation, making the heating system overwork. Condensation can also cause molds and mildew to grow on the ceiling.

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Only a professional commercial roofer can fix your attic problems. Having such problems fixed will protect your commercial property and save you from extreme energy bills.

Get Your Roof Problems Fixed

Roof problems can damage your commercial building and expose you to various health issues. Hire a professional commercial roofing contractor to fix any problem with your roof.

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